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Advances in Ceramic Armor VIII, Volume 33, Issue 5

Advances in Ceramic Armor VIII, Volume 33, Issue 5

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The manuscripts contained in this issue of Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings were selected from among the more than seventy presentations at the Armor Ceramics Symposium. The discussions are divided into three sections: Modeling and dynamic behavior, Transparent materials, and Opaque materials. Conducted during the 36th annual International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC), this event is one of the premier global conferences for the latest developments in the fabrication, characterization, and application of ceramic materials to meet the needs of the military, police, and other public defense, security, and protection organizations.

Preface ix

Introduction xi


Mesoscale Modeling of the Dynamic Response of Armor Ceramics 3
T. Antoun, O. Vorobiev, E.B. Herbold, and Scott Johnson

Constitutive Characterization and Simulations of Penetration into 19
Thick Glass Targets
Charles E. Anderson, Jr., Sidney Chocron, Kathryn A. Dannemann, and Rory P. Bigger

On the Source of Inelasticity in Ceramics 31
Sikhanda Satapathy and Dattatraya Dandekar

Novel Equations of State for Hydrocode 41
Stephan Bilyk, Michael Grinfeld, and Steven Segletes

Numerical Study of the Effect of Small Size Flaws on the Ballistic 53
Behavior of Transparent Laminated Targets
Costas G. Fountzoulas and Parimal J. Patel

High Strain Rate Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar Testing of Alumina 65
Jianming Yuan, Jianfei Liu, Geoffrey E. B. Tan, and Jan Ma


Low Velocity Sphere Impact of Soda Lime Silicate Glass 79
T. G. Morrissey, E. E. Fox, A. A. Wereszczak, and D. J. Vuono

Preparation and Sintering of Al203 - Doped Magnesium Aluminate 93
Minh Vu, Richard Haber, and Hasan Gocmez

Polished Spinel Directly from the Hot Press 105
Guillermo Villatobos, Shyam Bayya, Woohong Kim, Jasbinder Sanghera, Bryan Sadowski, Robert Miklos, Catalin Florea, Ishwar Aggarwal, and Michael Hunt

In Depth Study of Cone Cracks in Multi-Layered Transparent Panel 111
Structures by X-Ray Computed Tomography
W. H. Green, R. E. Brennan, and C. F. Fountzoulas

Nondestructive Characterization of Low Velocity Impact Damage in 123
Transparent Laminate Systems
Raymond E. Brennan, William H. Green, and Constantine G. Fountzoulas

XCT Diagnostics of Ballistic Impact Damage in Transparent Armor 133
Joseph M. Wells


Opportunities in Protection Materials Science and Technology for 147
Future Army Applications
Edwin L. Thomas

Surface Preparation of Alumina for Improved Adhesive Bond 149
Strength in Armor Applications
A. J. Harris, B. Vaughan, J. A. Yeomans, P. A. Smith, and S. T. Burnage

Discrimination of Basic Influences on the Ballistic Strength of 161
Opaque and Transparent Ceramics
Andreas Krell and Elmar Strassburger

Quantifying the Homogeneity of Ceramic Microstructures through 177
Information Entropy
Andrew R. Portune and Todd L. Jessen

Effect of Boron Carbide Additive Size and Morphology on Spark 187
Plasma Sintered Silicon Carbide
V. DeLucca and R. A. Haber

Submicron Boron Carbide Synthesis Through Rapid Carbothermal 195
Steve Miller, Fatih Toksoy, William Rafaniello, and Richard Haber

Improved Modeling and Simulation of the Ballistic Impact of Tungsten-Based Penetrators on Confined Hot-Pressed Boron Carbide Targets 209
C. G Fountzoulas and J. C. LaSalvia

Development of Reaction Bonded B4C-Diamond Composites 219
P. G. Karandikar and S. Wong

Author Index 231