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Advances in Ceramic Matrix Composites VIII



Advances in Ceramic Matrix Composites VIII

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Ceramic composites are leading candidate materials for high-temperature structural applications. This new book updates readers on the latest in state-of-the-art ceramic composite processing and fabrication methods, process modeling, processing-microstructure-property relationships, mechanical behavior, and characterization. Many of the most important aspects necessary for the understanding and further development of ceramic composites is covered in this volume. It will be of great interest to the technical community involved in advanced ceramic composite processing, characterization, component development, and manufacturing.

Proceedings of the symposium held at the 104th Annual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society, April 28-May1, 2002 in Missouri; Ceramic Transactions, Volume 139.

Preface vii

Processing and Fabrication Methods

Ceramic Matrix- and Layer-Composites in Advanced Automobile Technology 3
Michael Buchmann, Rainer Gadow, Dietmar Scherer; and Marcus Speicher

Processing and Properties of Co-Extruded Diamond and Carbide Fibrous Monoliths 19
Greg Hilmas,Tieshu Huang, Zhigang Zak Fang, Brian White, and Anthony Griffo

Low-Temperature Infiltration of Boron Carbide-Aluminum Composites 27
Fuhong Zhang, Kevin RTrumble, and Keith J. Bowman

Hard and Tough ZrO2-WC Composites from Nanosized Powders 39
G. Anne, S. Put, J.VIeugels, and O.Van Der Biest

Pressureless Sintering of Al2O3-TiC Powders Produced from Carbon Coated Precursors 51
Hisashi Kaga, Kevin B. Newman, and Rasit Koc

Process Modeling

Finite Element Simulation of Compaction and Sintering of Tiles Having Two Layers of Powders 59
Manabu Umeda, Ken-ichiro Mori, and Morito Murakami

Composite Bearing Based on "Metal-Viscous-Elastic Material (Polymer)-Soft Metal-Ceramics" Composition 71
Maksim V Kireitseu, LYYerakhavets, M.A. Belotserkovski, and V.L. Basenuk

Processing-Microstructure-Property Relationships

Monoclinic-to-Tetragonal Transformation and Mechanical Property Recovery in Low Temperature Water-Degraded 3Y-TZP Processed by a Carburizing Treatment 89
Zhenbo Zhao, Cheng Liu, and Derek O. Northwood

Hard Oxide Ceramic Composite Modified by Ultra-Dispersed Diamonds 101
Maksim Kireitseu

Mechanical Behavior

Crack Propagation and Fracture Resistance Behavior Under Fatigue Loading of a Ceramic Matrix Composite 113
D. Ghosh and R.N. Singh

Specimen Size Effect on the In-Plane Shear Properties of SiC/SiC Composites 127
Takashi Nozawa,Yutai Katoh.Akira Kohyama, and Edgar Lara-Curzio

Solid-Particle Erosion of ZrSiO4 Fibrous Monoliths 139
K.C. Goretta, F. Gutierrez-Mora, J.Tran, J. Katz, J.L Routbort.T.S. Orlova, and A.R. de Arellano-Löpez


Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) and Tension Behavior of Nextel/Blackglas Composites 149
J. Kim, B.Yang, R K. Liaw, and H.Wang

Index 161