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Advances in Chemical Physics, Volume 123

Advances in Chemical Physics, Volume 123

Ilya Prigogine (Editor), Stuart A. Rice (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-21453-3

Jul 2002

696 pages

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The latest edition of the leading forum in chemical physics Edited by Nobel Prize winner Ilya Prigogine and renowned authority Stuart A. Rice.  The Advances in Chemical Physics series provides a forum for critical, authoritative evaluations in every area of the discipline. In a format that encourages the expression of individual points of view, experts in the field present comprehensive analyses of subjects of interest. This stand-alone, special topics volume reports recent advances in electron-transfer research, with significant, up-to-date chapters by internationally recognized researchers. Volume 123 collects innovative papers on "Transition Path Sampling," "Dynamics of Chemical Reactions and Chaos," "The Role of Self Similarity in Renormalization Group Theory," and several other related topics. Advances in Chemical Physics remains the premier venue for presentations of new findings in its field.
Transition Path Sampling (C. Dellago, et al.).

Chemical Reaction Dynamics: Many-Body Chaos and Regularity (T. Komatsuzaki and R.S. Berry).

Dynamics of Chemical Reactions and Chaos (M. Toda).

A Stochastic Theory of Single Molecule Spectroscopy (Y. Jung, et al.).

The Role of Self-Similarity in Renormalization Group Theory (A.R. Altenberger and J.S. Dahler).

Electron-Correlated Approaches for the Calculation of NMR Chemical Shifts (J. Gauss and J.F. Stanton).

Computational Chemistry of Acids (C.O. Silva and M.A.C. Nascimento).

Cooperative Effects in Hydrogen Bonding (A. Karpfen).

Solvent Effects in Nonadiabatic Electron-Transfer Reactions: Theoretical Aspects (A.V. Barzykin, et al.).

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"...a worthy addition to the Advances in Chemical Physics series...a useful reference for a wide range of researchers..." (Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 125, No. 21, 2003)