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Advances in Energy Materials



Advances in Energy Materials

Fatih Dogan (Editor), Navin Jose Manjooran (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-40843-8 June 2009 168 Pages


This book documents a special collection of articles from a select group of invited prominent scientists from academia, national laboratories and industry who presented their work at the symposia on Energy Materials and Nanotechnology for Power Generation at the 2008 Materials Science and Technology (MS&T’08) conference held in Pittsburgh, PA. These articles represent a summary of the presentations focusing on both the scientific and technological aspects of energy storage, nuclear materials, nano-based sensors, catalysts and devices for applications in power generation, solar energy materials, superconductors, and more.

Preface vii


The Role of Materials and Manufacturing Technologies as Enablers in Gas Turbine Cooling for High Performance Engines 3
Ron S. Bunker


Synthesis, Sintering and Dielectric Properties of Nan0 Structured High Purity Titanium Dioxide 23
Sheng Chao and Fatih Dogan

Sorption/Desorption Properties of MgH,-Oxide Composite Prepared by Ultra High-Energy Planetary Ball Milling 31
Y. Kodera, N. Yamasaki, J. Miki, M. Ohyanagi, S. Shiozaki, S. Fukui, J. Yin, and T. Fukui

Ab lnitio Study of the Influence of Pressure on the Hydrogen Diffusion Behavior in Zirconium Hydrogen Solid Solution 41
Y. Endo, M. Ito, H. Muta, K. Kurosaki, M. Uno, and S. Yamanaka

EBSP Study of Hydride Precipitation Behavior in Zr-Nb Alloys 51
Shunichiro Nishioka, Masato Ito, Hiroaki Muta, Masayoshi Uno, and ShinsukeYamanaka

FEM Study of Delayed Hydride Cracking in Zirconium Alloy Fuel Cladding 59 
Miayoshi Uno, Masato Ito, Hiroaki Muta, Ken Kurosaki, and Shinsuke Yamanaka

The Effect of Manganese Stoichiometry on the Curie Temperature of Lao.67Cao,26Sro,07Mn,+Ux0s3e d in Magnetic Refrigeration 71
Biering, M. Menon, and N. Pryds

Preparation of Electrocatalytically Active RuO,/Ti Electrodes by Pechini Method 77
0. Kahvecioglu and S. Tirnur

The Myriad Structures of Liquid Water: Introduction to the Essential Materials Science 87
Rusturn Roy and Manju L. Rao

Preparation of CulnS, Films by Electrodeposition: Effect of Metal Element Addition to Electrolyte Bath 99
Tomoya Honjo, Masayoshi Uno, and Shinsuke Yarnanaka

Preparation of High-Jc MOD-YBCO Films for Fault Current Limiters 109
M. Sohrna, W. Kondo, K. Tsukada, I. Yarnaguchi, T. Kurnagai, T. Manabe, K. Arai. and H. Yarnasaki


Modeling of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation of Nano-Structured Fibers for Sensor Applications
Neal T. Pfeiffenberger and Gary R. Pickrell

Increased Functionality of Novel Nano-Porous Fiber Optic Structures through Electroless Copper Deposition and Quantum Dot Solutions 123
Michael G. Wooddell, Gary Pickrell, and Brian Scott

Thermopower Measurements in 1 -D Semiconductor Systems 135
Sezhian Annarnalai, Jugdersuren Battogtokh, Rudra Bhatta, Ian L. Pegg and Biprodas Dutta

Structural Changes and Stability of Pore Morphologies of a Porous Glass at Elevated Temperatures 145
Brian Scott and Gary Pickrell

Author Index 159