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Advances in Geometric Modeling



Advances in Geometric Modeling

Dr. Muhammad Sarfraz

ISBN: 978-0-470-85937-7 March 2004 334 Pages

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* Based on the new idea of gathering state of the art topics in Geometric Modeling together with techniques, applications, systems and tools
* The first book of its kind in that it incorporates several topics providing a class of practical solutions to problems in mathematical, engineering, and physical sciences
* Provides a valuable resource, focusing on interdisciplinary methods and affiliate research in the area

1. Polygonal Subdivision Curves for Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling (Ahmad H. Nasri).

2. Planar Development of Digital Free-Form Surfaces (Phillip N. Azariadis and Nickolas S. Sapidis).

3. A Shape Preserving Representation for Rational Curves with Efficient Evaluation Algorithm (Jorge Delgado and Juan M. Peña).

4. Piecewise Power Basis Conversion of Dynamic B-spline Curves and Surfaces (Deok-Soo Kim and Joonghyun Ryu).

5. Computational Methods for Geometric Processing of Surfaces: Blending, Offsetting, Intersection, Implicitization (Andres Iglesias).

6. Weighted Nu Splines: An Alternative to NURBS (Muhammad Sarfraz).

7. Generation of Parting Surfaces Using Subdivision Technique (C. L. Li).

8. Triadic Subdivision of Non Uniform Powell-Sabin splines (Evelyne Vanraes, Paul Dierckx, and AdhemarBultheel).

9. Surface Interpolation Scheme By Distance Blending Over Convex Sets (Lizhuang Ma, Qiang Wang, and TonyChan K Y).

10. Family of G2 Spiral Transition Between Two Circles (Zulfiqar Habib and Manabu Sakai).

11. Optimal Hierarchical Adaptive Mesh Construction Using FCO Sampling (Panagiotis A. Dafas, Ioannis Kompatsiarisand Michael G. Strintzis).

12. Virtual Sculpting and Deformable Volume Modeling (K. C. Hui).

13. Free Form Modeling Method Based on Silhouette and Boundary Lines (Jun Kamiya and Hideki Aoyama).

14. Intuitive and Precise Solid Modeling in A Virtual Reality Environment (Yongmin Zhong, Wolfgang Müller-Wittig and Weiyin Ma).

15. Efficient Simplification of Triangular Meshes (Muhammad Hussain, Yoshihiro Okada, andKoichi Niijima).

16. Multiresolution and Diffusion Methods Applied to Surface Reconstruction Based on T-Surfaces Framework (Gilson A. Giraldi, Rodrigo L. S. Silva, WalterH. Jiménez, Edilberto Strauss, and Antonio A. F. Oliveira).

17. A Multiresolution Framework for NUBS (Muhammad Sarfraz and Mohammed Ali Siddiqui).

18. Irregular Topology Spline Surfaces and Texture Mapping (Jin J. Zheng and Jian J. Zhang).

19. Segmentation of Scanned Surfaces: Improved Extraction of Planes (R. Sacchi, J.F. Poliakoff, P.D. Thomas, and K.-H. Häfele).

20. Constraint-Based Visualization of Spatiotemporal Databases (Peter Revesz and Lixin Li).

21. Surface Oriented Triangulation of Unorganized 3D Points Based On Laszlo’s Algorithm (Thomas Schadlich, Guido Brunnett and Mark Vanco).

22. Modifying the Shape of Cubic B-spline and NURBS Curves by Means of Knots (Imre Juhász and Miklós Hoffmann).

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