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Advances in Materials Science for Environmental and Energy Technologies II

Advances in Materials Science for Environmental and Energy Technologies II

Josef Matyáš (Editor), Tatsuki Ohji (Editor), Xingbo Liu (Editor), M. Parans Paranthaman (Editor), Ram Devanathan (Editor), Kevin M. Fox (Editor), Mrityunjay Singh (Editor), Winnie Wong-Ng (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-75117-6

Aug 2013

278 pages


These proceedings contains a collection of 24 papers from five 2012 Materials Science and Technology (MS&T’12) symposia.

  • Green Technologies for Materials Manufacturing and Processing III
  • Materials Development for Nuclear Applications and Extreme Environments
  • Materials Issues in Nuclear Waste Management in the 21st Century
  • Energy Conversion – Photovoltaic, Concentrating Solar Power, and Thermoelectric
  • Energy Storage: Materials, Systems and Applications

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Boron and Lead Based Chemically Bonded Phosphates Ceramics for Nuclear Waste and Radiation Shielding Applications 3
Henry A. Colorado, Jason Pleitt, Jenn-M. Yang, and Carlos H. Castano

Advanced Ceramic Wasteforms for the Immobilisation of Radwastes 11
M.C. Stennett, L.D. Casey, C.L. Corkhill, C.L Freeman, A.S. Gandy, P.G. Heath, I.J. Pinnock, D.P. Reid, and N.C. Hyatt

Migration of Iodine Solidified in Ettringite into Compacted Bentonite 23
Kazuya Idemitsu, Yoshihiko Matsuki, Masanao Kishimoto, Yaohiro Inagaki, Tatsumi Arima, Yoshiko Haruguchi, Yu Yamashita, and Michitaka Sasoh

Radioactive Demonstrations of Fluidized Bed Steam Reforming (FBSR) with Hanford Low Activity Wastes 35
C. M. Jantzen, C. L Crawford, P. R. Burket, C. J. Bannochie, W. G. Daniel, C. A. Nash, A. D. Cozzi, and C. C. Herman

Advances in JHCM HLW Vitrification Technology at VSL through Scaled Melter Testing 47
Keith S. Matlack and Ian L. Pegg

Impact of Particle Agglomeration on Accumulation Rates in the Glass Discharge Riser of HLW Melter 59
J. Matyäs, D. P. Jansik, A. T. Owen, CA. Rodriguez, J. B. Lang, and A. A. Kruger

Systematic Development of Alkaline-Earth Borosilicate Glasses for Caesium Loaded Ion Exchange Resin Vitrification 69
O. J. McGann, P. A. Bingham, and N. C. Hyatt

Effect of Temperature on the Crevice Corrosion Susceptibility of Passivating Nickel Based Alloys 81
Edgar C. Hornus, C. Mabel Giordano, Martin A. Rodriguez, Ricardo M. Carranza, and Raul B. Rebak

Determining the Thermal Conductivity of a Melter Feed 91
Jarrett Rice, Richard Pokorny, Michael Schweiger, and Pavel Hrma

Electrochemical Properties of Lanthanum Chloride-Containing Molten LiCI-KCI for Nuclear Waste Separation Studies 103
S. O. Martin, J. C. Sager, K. Sridharan, M. Mohammadian, and T. R. Allen

Radionuclide Behaviour and Geochemistry in Boom Clay within the Framework of Geological Disposal of High-Level Waste 113
S. Salah, C. Bruggeman, N. Maes, D., Liu P., L. Wang, and P. Van Iseghem


Reclaiming Fibrous Material in Manufacturing Processes 129
Kevin D. Baker

Directional Drivers of Sustainable Manufacturing: The Impact of Sustainable Building Codes and Standards on the Manufacturers of Materials 135
Amy A. Costello and Marsha S. Bischel

Developing Thermal Processes with Energy Efficiency in Mind 147
Brian Fuller, Bruce Dover, and Tom Mroz

Joining of Silicon Nitride Ceramics by Local Heating Technique—Strength and Microstructure 155
Mikinori Hotta, Naoki Kondo, Hideki Kita, and Tatsuki Ohji

Development of Thermal Spraying and Patterning Techniques by using Thixotropic Slurries Including Metals and Ceramics Particles 163
Soshu Kirihara, Yusuke Itakura, Satoko Tasaki, and Yusuke Itakura

Novel Joining Method for Alumina by Surface Modification and Reduction Reaction 169
Ken'ichiro Kita and Naoki Kondo

Ionic Liquids used as Cleaning Solvent Replacements 181
Melissa Klingenberg, Janelle Yerty, Elizabeth Berman, and Natasha Voevodin

Evaluation of PYCAL 94 as an Environmentally Friendly Plasticizer for Polyvinyl Butyral for use in Tape Casting 191
Richard E. Mistier, Ernest Bianchi, and William McNamee


Conduction Plane Geometry Factors for the ß''-Alumina Structure 201
Emma Kennedy and Dunbar P. Birnie, III

Phase Change Materials and Their Impact on the Thermal Performance of Buildings 209
Marsha S. Bischel and William H. Frantz

Hydrogen-Exposed Welded Specimens in Bending and Rotational Bending Fatigue 221
Patrick Ferro, Reza Miresmaeili, Rana Mitra, Jason Ross, Will Tiedemann, Casey Hebert, Taylor Goade, Duncan Howard, and Keith Davidson

3-D Tin-Carbon Fiber Paper Electrodes for Electrochemically Converting C02 to Formate/Formic Acid 231
Shan Guan, Arun Agarwal, Edward Rode, Davion Hill, and Narasi Sridhar

Analysis of the Theory of Frequent Charge Collapses in a 25500KVA Hermetic Calcium Carbide Furnace 245
Hui Sun, Jian-Iiang Zhang, Zheng-jian Liu, Ye-xiao Chen, Ke-xin Jiao, Feng-guang Li

Corrosion Behavior of AISI 304L Stainless Steel for Applications in Nuclear Waste Reprocessing Equipment 257
Negin Jahangiri, A. G. Raraz, J. E. Indacochea, and S. McDeavitt

Author Index 267