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Advances in Materials Science for Environmental and Nuclear Technology II



Advances in Materials Science for Environmental and Nuclear Technology II


This book contains 29 papers from the Clean Energy: Fuel Cells, Batteries, Renewables; Green Technologies for Materials Manufacturing and Processing II; and Materials Solutions for the Nuclear Renaissance symposia held during the 2010 Materials Science and Technology (MS&T'10) meeting, October 17-21, 2010, Houston, Texas. Topics include Batteries; Corrosion and Materials Degradation; Fuel Cells & Electrochemistry; Fossil Energy Materials; Solar Energy; Waste Minimization; Green Manufacturing and Materials Processing; Immobilization of Nuclear Wastes; Irradiation and Corrosion Effects; and Materials Performance in Extreme Environments.
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Slag Characterization for the Development of New and Improved Service Life Materials in Gasifiers using Flexible Carbon Feedstock 3
James Bennett, Seetharaman Sridhar, Jinichiro Nakano, Kyei-Sing Kwong, Tom Lam, Tetsuya Kaneko, Laura Fernandez, Piyamanee Komolwit, Hugh Thomas, and Rick Krabbe

Characterization of Electrochemical Cycling Induced Graphite Electrode Damage in Lithium-Ion Cells 17
Sandeep Bhattacharya, A. Reza Riahi, and Ahmet T. Alpas

Titanium-Dioxide-Coated Silica Microspheres for High-Efficiency Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell 27
Devender and Ajay Dangi

Effect of Titanium and Iron Additions on the Transport Properties of Manganese Cobalt Spinel Oxide 33
Jeffrey W. Fergus, Kangli Wang, and Yingjia Liu

Effect of Hydrogen on Bending Fatigue Life for Materials used in Hydrogen Containment Systems 39
Patrick Ferro

Investigation of Secondary Phases Formation Due to PH3 Interaction with SOFC Anode 51
Huang Guo, Gulfam Iqbal, and Bruce Kang

PEN Structure Thermal Stress Analysis for Planar-SOFC Configurations under Practical Temperature Field 61
Gulfam Iqbal, Suryanarayana Raju Pakalapati, Francisco Elizalde-Blancas, Huang Guo, Ismail Celik, and Bruce Kang

Electroless Coating of Nickel on Electrospun 8YSZ Nanofibers 69
Luping Li, Peigen Zhang, and S.M. Guo

Effect of Surface Condition on Spallation Behavior of Oxide Scale on SS 441 Substrate used in SOFC 81
Wenning Liu, Xin Sun, Elizabeth Stephens, and Moe Khaleel

Effect of Fuel Impurity on Structural Integrity of Ni-YSZ Anode of SOFCs 87
Wenning Liu, Xin Sun, Olga Marina, Larry Pederson, and Moe Khaleel

Strategies to Improve the Reliability of Anode-Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with Respect to Anode Reoxidation 101
Manuel Ettler, Norbert H. Menzler, Georg Mauer, Frank Tietz, Hans Peter Buchkremer, and Detlev Stöver

Mixed Composite Membranes for Low Temperature Fuel Cell Applications 111
Uma Thanganathan

Carbonate Fuel Cell Materials and Endurance Results 119
C. Yuh, A. Hilmi, G. Xu, L. Chen, A. Franco, and M. Farooque


Characterization of Core Sample Collected from the Saltstone Disposal Facility 135
A.D. Cozzi and A.J. Duncan

Incorporation of Mono Sodium Titanate and Crystalline Silicotitanate Feeds in High Level Nuclear Waste Glass 149
K. M. Fox, F. C. Johnson, and T. B. Edwards

Radiation Resistance of Nanocrystalline Silicon Carbide 161
Laura Jamison, Peng Xu, Kumar Sridharan, and Todd Allen

Performance of a Carbon Steel Container in a Canadian Used Nuclear Fuel Deep Geological Repository 169
Gloria M. Kwong, Steve Wang, and Roger C. Newman

Development of Ceramic Waste Forms for an Advanced Nuclear Fuel Cycle 183
A. L. Billings, K. S. Brinkman, K. M. Fox and J. C. Marra, M. Tang, and K. E. Sickafus

Determination of Stokes Shape Factor for Single Particles and Agglomerates 195
J. Matyáa, M. Schaible, and J. D. Vienna

Glassy and Glass Composite Nuclear Wasteforms 203
Michael I. Ojovan and William E. Lee

Advances In Materials Corrosion Research in the Yucca Mountain Project 217
Raul B. Rebak

Creep Studies of Modified 9Cr-1 Mo Steel for Very High Temperature Reactor Pressure Vessel Applications 231
Triratna Shrestha, Mehdi Basirat, Indrajit Charit, Gabriel Potirniche, and Karl Rink

Developing the Plutonium Disposition Option: Ceramic Processing Concerns 241
Jonathan Squire, Ewan R. Maddrell, Neil C Hyatt, and Martin C. Stennett

Pore Structure Analysis of Nuclear Graphites IG-110 and NBG-18 251
G. Q. Zheng, P. Xu, K. Sridharan, and T. R. Allen


Modified Powder Processing as a Green Method for Ferrite Synthesis 263
Audrey Vecoven and Allen W. Apblett

Novel Method for Waste Analysis using a Highly Luminescent (II) Octaphosphite Complex as a Heavy Metal Detector 279
NisaT. Satumtira, AN Mahdy, Mohamed Chehbouni, Oussama ElBjeirami, and Mohammad A. Omary

Geopolymer Products from Jordan for Sustainability of the Environment 289
Hani Khoury, Yousif Abu Salhah, Islam AI Dabsheh, Faten Slaty, Mazen Alshaaer, Hubert Rahier, Muayad Esaifan, and Jan Wastiels

Leaching of Calcium Ion (Ca2+) from Calcium Silicate 301
Vandana Mehrotra

Green Energy and Green Materials Production Activity and Related Patents 313
J. A. Sekhar, M. C. Connelly, and J. D. Dismukes

Micro Patterning of Dielectric Materials by using Stereo-Lithography as Green Process 329
Soshu Kirihara, Naoki Komori, Toshiki Niki, and Masaru Kaneko

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