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Advances in Materials Science for Environmental and Nuclear Technology



Advances in Materials Science for Environmental and Nuclear Technology

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The Materials Science and Technology 2009 Conference and Exhibition (MS&T’09) was held October 25-29, 2009, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  A major theme of the conference was Environmental and Energy Issues.  Papers from three of the symposia held under that theme are included in this volume. These symposia include Materials Solutions for the Nuclear Renaissance; Green Engineering and Environmental Stewardship; and Nanotechnology for Energy.  These symposia included a variety of presentations with sessions focused on sustainable energy, photovoltaics, nanowires and composites, energy harvesting, catalysts, thin films, corrosion, nuclear fuels, materials in aggressive environments, glass and ceramics for waste disposition, modeling and thermal properties, and education.  Also included was a series of invited presentations and an international panel discussion on cement waste forms.

The Green Engineering and Environmental Stewardship symposium was sponsored by the Nuclear and Environmental Technology Division (NETD) of The American Ceramic Society while the Materials Solutions for the Nuclear Renaissance symposium was sponsored by NETD and ASM International.



Irradiation Effects in Ceramics for Plutonium Disposition (C. Davoisne, W. E. Lee, M. C. Stennett, N. C. Hyatt, N. Peng, and C. Jeynes).

Synthesis and Structures of Gd2 (Zr2-xCex)O7: A Model Ceramic System for Plutonium Disposition (D. P. Reid, M. C. Stennett, and N. C. Hyatt).

Waste Form Development for SRS MOX Plant Effluent (Erich Hansen, Timothy Jones, Tommy Edwards, and Alex Cozzi).

Flammable Gasses in the Saltstone Process Flowsheet (A. D. Cozzi).

Development of Crystal-Tolerant Waste Glasses (J. Matyas, J. D. Vienna, A. Kimura, M. Schaible, and R. M. Täte).

Phase Stability of Defense Waste Processing Facility (DWPF) Type High Level Nuclear Waste Glasses (Amanda L. Billings, Carol M. Jantzen, Connie C. Herman, and Sharon L. Marra).

Alkali/Akaline-Earth Content Effects on Properties of High-Alumina Nuclear Waste Glasses (J. S. McCloy, C. Rodriguez, C. Windisch, C. Leslie, M. J. Schweiger, B. R. Riley, and J. D. Vienna).

Nepheline Crystallization in Nuclear Waste Glasses (Kevin M. Fox, David K. Peeler, and Thomas B. Edwards).

Cold Crucible Vitrification of SRS SB4 HLW Surrogate at High Waste Loadings (A. P. Kobelev, S. V. Stefanovsky, V. V. Lebedev, D. Y. Suntsov, M. A. Polkanov, O. A. Knyazev, and J. C. Marra).

An Extraction of Platinum Group Metals and Molybdenum from Molten Borosilicate Glass Using Cu and Cu5Si (Kazuyoshi Uruga).

Microstructure of Laser-Melted Zirconium Carbide Ceramics (H. F. Jackson, D. D. Jayaseelan, W. J. Clegg, M. J. Reece, F. Inam, D. Manara, C. Perinetti Casoni, and W. E. Lee).

On the Mechanism of Radiation Damage in Zircon by High-Energy Electrons (N. Jiang).

Anelasticity in Austenitic Steels (Ashwin Rao, P. John Bouchard, and Michael E. Fitzpatrick).

Molten Salts for Nuclear Cogeneration (Luke Olson, James Ambrosek, Guoping Cao, Kumar Sridharan, Mark Anderson, and Todd Allen).


Development of Low-Cost Functional Geopolymeric Materials (Mazen Alshaaer, Faten Slaty, Hani Khoury, Hubert Rahier, and Jan Wastiels).

Green Technology for Extraction of Iron from Ores and Other Materials (Allen W. Apblett and Kevin Barber).

Nanotechnology for Uranium Separations and Immobilization (Kevin Barber, Allen W. Apblett, Sulaiman Al-Fadul, Alan Piquette, and Mohamed Chehbouni).

How the Classic Materials Science Stool is being Changed by the Sustainability Stool (Marsha S. Bischel and Amy A. Costello).

Impact of Materials Selection on the Sustainability of Wind Energy (Davion M. Hill and Narasi Sridhar).

Precipitation Behavior of Chromium in Chromium(IH)-Bearing Slag (Xingrong Wu, Liaosha Li, Ping Wang, Zhaojin Wu, and Yuanchi Dong).

Improved Energy Efficiency and Environmental Benefits for Calcium Treatment in Steel (James Yanker and David Dudek).


Optical Characterization of Chemically Deposited SbCuS Thin Films (Chinedu Ekuma, Mishack Nnabuchi, Nwabueze Aja, and Israel Owate).

Examining Defects in Solid Core 2-D Photonic Band-Gap Fibers with High Index Inclusions (Neal T. Pfeiffenberger and Gary R. Pickrell).

Nanophased Materials in Supercritical CO2: Ceramic Nanopowder Synthesis, Encapsulation and Deposition (J. C. Ruiz, F. Charton, S. Sarrade, A. Hertz, B. Fournel, A. Julbe, and C. Guizard).

Influence of Gas Flow Rate on the Formation of ZnO Nanorods and Their Effects on Photoelectrochemical Response (Sudhakar Shet, Kwang-Soon Ahn, Ravindra Nuggehalli, Yanfa Yan, Todd Deutsch, John Turner, and Mowafak Al-Jassim).

Nanocoating Enhanced Optical Fiber Sensors (M. Smietana, W. J. Bock, J. Szmidt, and G. R. Pickrell).

Surface Plasmon Resonant Enhanced Optical Transmission through ZnO/Ag/ZnO Multilayered Films (Pangpang Wang, Dongyan Zhang, Chang Huang, Xiaoping Song, and Ri-ichi Murakami).

Controlled Shape Synthesis of BaTiO3-(Mn0.5Zn0.5)Fe2O4 Nanocomposites (Yaodong Yang, Wenwei Ge, Shashank Priya, Yu U. Wang, Jie-Fang Li, and D. Viehland).

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