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Advances in Multifunctional Materials and Systems II



Advances in Multifunctional Materials and Systems II


Contains a collection of papers from the below symposia held during the 10th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology (PacRim10), June 2-7,2013, in Coronado, California 2012:

• Advances in Electroceramics

• Microwave Materials and Their Applications

• Oxide Materials for Nonvolatile Memory Technology and Applications

Preface vii


Pyroelectric Performances of Relaxor-Based Ferroelectric Single Crystals and their Applications in Infrared Detectors 3
Long Li, Haosu Luo, Xiangyong Zhao, Xiaobing Li, Bo Ren, Qing Xu, and Wenning Di

Formation of Tough Foundation Layer for Electrical Plating on Insulator using Aerosol Deposition Method of Cu-Al203 Mixed Powder 17
Naoki Seto, Shingo Hirose, Hiroki Tsuda and Jun Akedo

Formation and Electromagnetic Properties of 0.1 BTO/0.9NZFO Ceramic Composite with High Density Prepared by Three-Step Sintering Method 23
Bin Xiao, Juncong Wang, Ning Ma, and Piyi Du


Thin Glass Characterization in the Radio Frequency Range 37
Alfred Ebberg, Jürgen Meggers, Kai Rathjen, Gerhard Fotheringham, Ivan Ndip, Florian Ohnimus, Christian Tschoban, Isa Pieper, Andreas Kilian, Sebastian Methfessel, Martin Letz, and Ulrich Fotheringham

Formation of Silver Nano Particles in Percolative Ag-PbTi03 Composite Dielectric Thin Film 51
Tao Hu, Zongrong Wang, Liwen Tang, Ning Ma, and Piyi Du

Software for Calculating Permittivity of Resonators: HakCol & ErCalc 65
Rick Ubic

Effects of MgO Additive on Structural, Dielectric Properties and Breakdown Strength of Mg2Ti04 Ceramics Doped with ZnO-B203 Glass 17
Xiaohong Wang, Mengjie Wang, Zhaoqiang Li, and Wenzhong Lu

Design of Microwave Dielectrics Based on Crystallography 87
Hitoshi Ohsato


Stable Resistive Switching Characteristics of Al203 Layers Inserted in Hf02 Based RRAM Devices 103
Chun-Yang Huang, Jheng-Hong Jieng, and Tseung-Yuen Tseng

Improvement of Resistive Switching Properties of Ti/Zr02/Pt with Embedded Germanium 111
Chun-An Lin, Debashis Panda, and Tseung-Yuen Tseng

Nonvolatile Memories Using Single Electron Tunneling Effects in Si Quantum Dots Inside Tunnel Silicon Oxide 117
Ryuji Ohba

Resistive Switching and Rectification Characteristics with CoO/Zr02 Double Layers 123
Tsung-Ling Tsai, Jia-Woei Wu, and Tseng-Yuen Tseng

Research Of Nano-Scaled Transition Metal Oxide Resistive Non-Volatile Memory (R-RAM) 129
ChiaHua Ho, Cho-Lun Hsu, Chun-Chi Chen, Ming-Taou Lee, Hsin-Hau Huang, Kai-Shin Li, Lu-Mei Lu, Tung-Yen Lai, Wen-Cheng Chiu, Bo-Wei Wu, MeiYi Li, Min-Cheng Chen, Cheng-San Wu, Yi-Ping Hsieh, and Fu-Liang Yang

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