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Advances in Porcelain Enamel Technology

Advances in Porcelain Enamel Technology

Charles Baldwin (Editor) , Holger Evele (Editor) , Renee Pershinsky (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-64089-0

Jul 2010

204 pages



Advances in Porcelain Enamel Technology: Ceramic Transactions Volume 211 provides a compilation of PEI Technical Forum proceedings covering the latest scientific and technological advancement in porcelain enamel technology. Logically organized, carefully selected articles cover topics ranging from Efficiency and Dense Phase Pumping of Porcelain Enamel Powder to Digital Ceramic Printing and Raw Materials and Energy: Their Influence on Enamels Market. Advances in Porcelain Enamel Technology: Ceramic Transactions Volume 211 is the one-stop resource for understanding the most important issues in porcelain enamel technology.

Preface ix

2008 PEI Officers xi

2009 PEI Officers xii

2008 Technical Forum Committee xiii

2009 Technical Forum Committee xiv

Past Chairs of PEI Technical Forums xv

2008 PEI Tech Forum

Dense Phase Pumping and Spraying of P/E Powder 3
Ken Kreeger

Development of the Cold Roll RP45 Grade for Water Heater Tank Bodies 9
Stan Lipkowski

Energy Cost in Washer Systems 15
Brian Rozdilsky

Comparison of Cobalt and Nickel in Frit Formulations 17
Mike Wilczynski and Roger Wallace

Raw Materials and Energy: Influence on Enamels Market 23
Bruce Hanna

LustReflex Coatings for Porcelain Enamel 29
E.A. Axtel III and Klaus-Dieter Fritsche

Bulk Enamel Distribution System 33
Jeff Walker and Steve Sloan

Porcelain Enamel Reclaim Technology Review 41
Mike Horton

Progress in the Use of Specialized Enamel Coatings to Bond Concrete to Steel 45
Philip Malone, Sean W. Morefield, Charles A. Weiss, Earl Baugher and Cullen Hackler

Performance Coatings for Energy Efficiency 51
Holger Evele, Charles Baldwin, Terry Detrie and Dan Swiler

From Decorative to Functional Printing Colors 59
Christian Schlegel

ISO 9001:2000—Why Do It? 67
Kara Kopplin

New EU Chemical Regulations Will Significantly Impact USA and Global Businesses: REACH 71
Jack Waggener

A Heat Resistant Label Material and Its Application in High Temperature Processing 77
Huimin Yang

Furnace Moisture Issues 79
Jason Butz

Furnaces and Firing 85
Mike Horton

Making Porcelain Enamel More Competitive with Stainless Steel: A Holistic Approach to Process Improvement 91
Ken Kaluzny

Requirements for the Use of Porcelain Enamel in Industrial Coatings 97
Hemant Dandekar

Reactive Vitreous Enamel Coatings for Concrete Reinforcing Steel 103
Cullen Hackler

2009 PEI Tech Forum

Energy Costs in Washer Systems 109
Brian Rozdilsky

21 st Century Cleaning Systems 111
Ken Kaluzny

Using Control Systems to Go "Green" While Saving You Money! 115
John O'Connor

Porcelain Enamel Powder Coating Systems for Oven Cavities Worldwide 119
Jeff Hale and Phil Flasher

Dense Phase Pumping of Porcelain Enamel Powder—Part II 125
Ken Kreeger

Case Study: Process Rheology of Cover Coats at Engineered Storage Products Company 133
Greg Budnick

Water Heater and Inside Coating with Wet Enamel, Usable for Solar Energy 135
Brigitte Riester-Alt

Sustainability—More Than a Buzz Word 139
W. Mark McGinley

Decorating with Ceramic Decal 149
Michael McCall

Digital Ceramic Printing 155
Ron Manwiller

Preliminary Evaluations of Functional Coatings for Improved Chemical and Water Resistance 157
Charles Baldwin and Lou Gazo

Improving the Covering Power of Titanium White Cover Coat by Controlling Bubble Structure 163
Koichi Tanaka

Chemically Resistant Enamel 169
Eckhard Voss

The Who, What, Why, Where and When of Cast Iron Enameling 177
Steve Pew

Author Index 187