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Advances in Process Measurements for the Ceramic Industry

Advances in Process Measurements for the Ceramic Industry

ISBN: 978-1-574-98086-8

Oct 1999

397 pages

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Until now, there has been no single source of information that deals with the various facets of green body formation, starting from sampling of raw materials, through characterization of particle size, dispersion and various physical and chemical properties in a holistic approach. Advances in Process Measurements for the Ceramics Industry aims to fill that gap.

This new book includes chapters on theoretical aspects of issues related to the characterization of processing while preparing green bodies. These issues are clarified and reinforced through case studies presented by recognized leaders in academia and industry with proven track records. Because it deals with both theoretical and applied issues of process control through reliable characterization, this book will be of great interest to professionals in manufacturing and industry, as well as researchers and academics.
Measurement Needs in Ceramic Processing (George Y. Onoda).


Sampling: What? When? How? Why? (D.B. Minor).

Identification and Characterization of a Model Powder System for Assessment of Particle Size Measurement Techniques and Procedures (A. Jillavenkatesa, V.A. Hackley and G.Y. Onoda).

Powder Standard Reference Materials (J.F.Kelly).

Surface Area and Porosity Characterization (Gas Adsorption: An Overview by H. Giesche).

New Characterization Techniques to Control the Manufacturing Process of Fine Ceramics: A Case Study of the Origin of Property Variation with Spray Dryer Size (M. Naito, T. Hotta, O. Hayakawa, N. Shinohara, M. Okumiya and K. Uematsu).

Chemical Analysis of Metallic Impurities in Alumina, Aluminium Nitride, Silicon Nitride, and Silicon Carbide (R. Matschat, K. Meyer, H.-J. Heinrich and H. Scharf).

Chemical Analysis of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen in Silicon Nitride (P. Pei, L. Lum and G.Y. Onoda).


FTIR and Raman Spectroscopy of Various Organic Dispersants and Protectants on Ceramics and Glasses: A Review (R.A. Condrate Sr. and D. Lee).

Monitoring of the Conformation of Dispersant Molecules for Enhanced Stability and Rheology of Slurries (P. Somasundaran, K.K. Das and L. Huang).


Attaining High Solids in Ceramic Slurries (Mark A. Janney).

The Role of Solution Chemistry in Understanding Colloidal Stability of Ceramic Suspensions (J.H. Adair and H.G. Krarup).

On-line Ultrasonic Spectroscopy (D.M. Scott).

Development of Electroacoustic Methods and Their Application in Ceramic Processing (V.A. Hackley).


An Overview of Moisture Measurement Techniques for Ceramic Processing (P.S. Wang and G. Onoda).

The Segregation of Powders in the Feeding System of an Automatic Die Press: A Case Study (R. Gilissen and M. De Vleeschhauwer).

Laboratory Techniques for Bulk Density Measurement (P. Pei, D. Minor and G.Y.Onoda).

X-Ray NDE of Density Gradients During Alumina Powder Consolidation: Effects of Suspension Chemistry (V.J. García, C.H. Schilling, S.P. Huss, J.N. Gray, M. Sikora, P. Tomasik and C.P.Li).

Controlling Bulk Density for Dry Press Manufacturing: A Case Study (F.J. O' Connor).

The Development of Nonintrusive Methods of Sensing and Control of Densification During Electroconsolidation® (W.M. Goldberger and R.R. Fessler).

Applications and Needs of Chemical Analysis Techniques for Powders and Sintered Bodies (C. S. Nordahl and G.C. Wei).

Gage R&R: An Essential but often Overlooked Component of Statistical Process Control (T. Fanelli).


Refractive Index Considerations in Light Scattering Particle Size Measurements (H. Hildebrand).