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Advances in Sintering Science and Technology II

Advances in Sintering Science and Technology II

Suk-Joong L. Kang (Editor), Rajendra Bordia (Editor), Eugene A. Olevsky (Editor), Didier Bouvard (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-27375-3

Sep 2012

202 pages

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This publication provides an excellent one-stop resource for understanding the most important current issues in the research and advances in sintering science and technology.

Preface vii


Deposition of Platinum Nanoparticles onto Copper Foils by Electrophoresis: A Study of the Sintering Dynamics at the Platinum-Copper Interface 3
Deborah C. Blaine, Alexander llchev, Leslie Petrik, Patrick Ndungu, and Alexander Nechaev

Pressureless Sintering and Piezoelectric Properties of Mechanochemically Synthesized K0 5Na0 5Nb03 Powder Compacts 17
Jung-Yeul Yun, Si-Young Choi, Min-Soo Kim, and Suk-Joong L. Kang

Synthesis of Polycrystalline Sr2Fe1+xMo1_x06 Samples Produced by Solid-State Reaction 25
Reginaldo Mondragon, Ricardo Morales, Jose Lemus-Ruiz, and Oracio Navarro


Effects of Chemicophysical Properties of Carbon on Bloating Characteristics of Artificial Lightweight Aggregates using Coal Ash 35
Shin-hyu Kang, Ki-gang Lee, Yoo-taek Kim, and Seung-gu Kang

Sintering of Silicon, Effect of the Sample Size on Silica Reduction Kinetics and Densification 43
J.M. Lebrun, J.M. Missiaen, and C. Pascal


Cermets Based on New Submicron Ti (C,N) Powder: Microstructural Development During Sintering and Mechanical Properties 57
A. Demoly, C. Veitsch, W. Lengauer, and K. Rabitsch

Grain Growth of ß-Si3N4 using Y203 and Al203 as Sintering Aids 71
Leonel Ceja-Cärdenas, Jose Lemus-Ruiz, Sebastian Diaz de la Torre, Egberto Bedolla-Becerril

Suppression of Sintering Defects in Metal/Ceramic Graded Layers by using Inhomogeneous Powder Mixtures 79
K. Shinagawa and Y. Sakane

Co-Sintering of an Anode-Supported SOFC Based on Scandia Stabilized Zirconia Electrolyte 91
T. Reynier, D. Bouvard, C.P. Carry, and R. Laucournet

Bulk Doping Influence on Grain Size and Response of Conductometric Sn02-Based Gas Sensors: A Short Survey 101
G. Korotcenkov and B.K. Cho

Effect of Glass Additives on the Densification and Mechanical Properties of Hydroxyapaptite Ceramics 115
Jiangfeng Song, Yong Liu, Ying Zhang, and Zhi Lu


Field Assisted Sintering of Nanometric Ceramic Materials 13
U. Anselmi-Tamburini, F. Maglia, and I. Tredici 3

Fabrication of Copper-Graphite Composites by Spark Plasma Sintering and Its Characterization 151
Bunyod Allabergenov, Oybek Tursunkulov, Soo Jeong Jo, Amir Abidov, Christian Gomez, Sung Bum Park, and Sungjin Kim

Densification and Microstructure Changes of Ceramic Powder Blends during Microwave Sintering 163
Audrey Guyon, Jean-Marc Chaix, Claude Paul Carry, and Didier Bouvard

Densification of U02 Via Two Step Sintering 173
J. Vidal, M. Zemek, and P. Blanchart

Effect of Two-Step Sintering on Optical Transmittance and Mechanical Strength of Polycrystalline Alumina Ceramics 185
Hyung Soo Kim, Young Do Kim, and Sang Woo Kim

Author Index 193