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Advances in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells V, Volume 30, Issue 4

Advances in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells V, Volume 30, Issue 4

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This volume contains twenty four papers with contributions on various aspects of solid oxide fuel cells that were discussed at the symposium. You will gain insight into the current status of solid oxide fuel cells technology and the latest developments in the areas of fabrication, characterization, testing, performance, electrodes, electrolytes, seals, cell and stack development, proton conductors, fuel reforming, mechanical behavior, powder synthesis, etc.


Cell and Stack Development/Performance.

Development of Novel Pianar Nano-Structured SOFCs. (Tim Van Gestel, Doris Sebold, Wilhelm A. Meulenberg, and Hans-Peter Buchkremer).

Advanced Cell Development for Increased Direct JP-8 Performance in the Liquid Tin Anode SOFC. (M.T. Koslowske, W.A. McPhee, L.S. Bateman, M. J. Slaney, J. Bentley, and T.T. Tao).

Fundamentals of Liquid Tin Anode Solid Oxide FUel Cell (LTA_SOFC) Operation. (Randall Gemmen, Harry Abernathy, Kirk Gerdes, Mark Koslowske, William A. McPhee, and Tomas Tao).

A No Chamber Fuel Cell Using Ethanol as Flame. (Kang Wang, Jeongmin Ahn, and Zongping Shao).


Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Investigation of SOFC Cathodes. (Kevin S. Blinn, Harry W. Abemathy, and Meilin Liu).

Characterization of an Anode-Supported Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cell with a Porosity Concentration Gradient. (Chung Min An, Jung-Hoon Song, Inyoung Kang, and Nigel Sammes).

Impact of Protective and Contacting Layers on the Long-Term SOFC Operation. (Mihailis Kusnezoff, Stefan Megel, Viktar Sauchuk, Egle Girdauskaite, Wieland Beckert, and Andreas Reinert).

Curvature Evolution and Control in Anode Supported Solid Oxide Fuel Cells.(Marco Cologna, Anna Rite Contino, Vencenzo M. Sglavo, Stefano Modena, Serglo Ceschini, and Massimo Bertoldi).

Phase-Boundary Grooving at Surfaces of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Materials. (Sanjit Bhowmick, Jessica L. Riesterer, Yuan Xue, and C. Barry Carter).


Mixed Proton-Oxide Ion-Electron Conducting Cathode for SOFCs Based on Oxide Proton Conductors. (Lei Yang, Shizhong Wang, Ze Liu, Chendong Zuo, and Mellin Liu).

Permeation and Stability Investigation of Ba95Sr95Ci66Fe02O35 Membrances for Oxy-Fuel Processes. (A. Ellett, D. Schlehuber, L. Singheiser and T. Markus).

Numerical Continuum Modeling and Simulation of Mixed-Conducting Thin Film and Patterned Electrodes. (Matthew E. Lynch, David S. Mebane, and Meilin Liu).

Laminar Flow and Total Pressure Effects in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrode Pores and Their Effects on Voltage-Current Characteristics. (V. Hugo Schmidt, R.R. Chien, and Laura M. Lediaev).

Oxide/Proton Conductors.

Termperature and Pressure Assisted Cubic to Rhombohedral Phase Trasition in So91Ce231ZrO2 by Micro-Raman. (Svetlana Lukich, Cassandra Carpenter, and Nina Orlovskaya).

Synthesis and Activity of Cobait-Doped Barium Cerium Zirconate for Catalysis and Proton Conduction. (Aravind Suresh, Joysurya Basu, Nigel M. Sammes, C. Barry Carter, and Benjamin A. Wihite).

In Situ X-ray Diffraction and Raman Spectroscopy of LIF-Added Ba(Zr7Ce1Y2)O23 Ceramics. (C.S. Tu, S.C Lee, C.C. Huang, R.R. Chien, V.H. Schmidt, and C.L Tsai).


Sealing Glasses for SOFC - Degradation Behaviour. (Jochen Schilm, Axel Rost, Mihailis Kusnezoff, and Alexander Michaelis).

Determination of Fracture Strength of Glass Ceramic Sealant Used in SOFC. (Kais Hbaleb).

Creep Behavior of Glass/Ceramic Sealant Used in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. (W.N. Liu, X. Sun, B Koeppel, and M.A. Khaleel).

Thermal Cycle Durability of Glass/Ceramic Composite Gas-Tight Seals on Metal Substrates. (Selichi Suda, Masahiko Matsumiya, Koichi Kawahara, and Kaori Jono).

Mechanical Behavior.

Mechanical Properties of Cathode-interconect Interfaces in Planar SOFCs. (Yanli Wang, Beth L. Armstrong, Rosa M. Trejo, Jianming Bai, Thomas R. Watkins, and Edgar Lara Curzio).

Materials Synthesis.

Synthesis and Characterization of Oxide Nanoparticles for Energy Applications. (Joysurya Basu, Jonathan P Winterstein, Sanjit Bhowmick, and C. Barry Carter).

Glycine-Nitrate Synthesis and Characterization of Ba(Zr08-xCexYo2)O2. (R.R. Chien, V. Hugo Schmidt, S.C. Lee, C.C. Huang, and Stachus P. Tu).

Fuel Reforming.

Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methance on Nickel- Ceria-Based Oxide Cermet Anode for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. (Mitsunobu Kawano, Hiroyuki Yoshida, Koji Hashino, Toru Inagaki, Hideyuki Nagahara, and Hiroshi Ijichi).

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