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Advances in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells VI, Volume 31, Issue 4



Advances in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells VI, Volume 31, Issue 4

Prabhakar Singh (Editor), Narottam P. Bansal (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-94397-7 November 2010 174 Pages



The Seventh International Symposium on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC): Materials, Science, and Technology was held during the 34th International Conference and Exposition on Advanced Ceramics and Composites in Daytona Beach, FL, January 24 to 29, 2010. This symposium provided an international forum for scientists, engineers, and technologists to discuss and exchange state-of-the-art ideas, information, and technology on various aspects of solid oxide fuel cells. A total of 75 papers were presented in the form of oral and poster presentations, including ten invited lectures, indicating strong interest in the scientifically and technologically important field of solid oxide fuel cells.  Authors from eleven countries (China, Denmark, Germany India, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, UK and U.S.A.) participated. The speakers represented universities, industries, and government research laboratories.

These proceedings contain contributions on various aspects of solid oxide fuel cells that were discussed at the symposium.  Fifteen papers describing the current status of solid oxide fuel cells technology are included in this volume.

Preface vii

Introduction ix

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Based Power Systems for Mobile Applications 1
R. M. Miller and T. L. Reitz

Micro-Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with Embedded Current Collector 15
Marco Cologna, Ricardo De La Torre, Vincenzo M. Sglavo, and Rishi Raj

Durability Improvement of Segmented-in-Series Cell Stacks for Small Scale SOFCs 23
T. Ito and Y. Matsuzaki

Perovskite Materials for Use as Sulfur Tolerant Anodes in SOFCs 31
X. Dong, P. Gardner, T. L. Reitz, and F. Chen

Preparation and Characterization of LSCF (La0 58Sr0 4Coa2Fe0 803.ä)/ GDC (Ce0 8Gd0 202) Cathode for IT-Solid Oxide Fuel Cell 43
Na Li, Alevtina Smirnova, Atul Verma, Prabhakar Singh, and Jeong-Ho Kim

Effects of Geometrical and Mechanical Properties of Various Components on Stresses of the Seals in SOFCs 53
W. N. Liu, B.J. Koeppel, X. Sun, and M. A. Khaleel

Stability of Materials in High Temperature Water Vapor: SOFC Applications 63
E. J. Opila and N. S. Jacobson

Oxygen Diffusion in Bi2M4Og (M - AI, Ga, Fe) Systems and the Effect of Sr Doping in Bi2.2XSr2XM409_x Studied by Isotope Exchange Experiments and IR Absorption 81
T. Debnath, C. H. Rüscher, Th. M. Gesing, P. Fielitz, S. Ohmann, and G. Borchardt

Aqueous Processing for Self Standing YSZ Films for SOFC Studies 91
Srinivasan Ramanathan

Synthesis and Sintering of Yttrium-Doped Barium Zirconate 99
Ashok K. Sahu, Abhijit Ghosh, Soumyajit Koley, and Ashok K. Suri

Use of Hydrocarbon Fuel for Micro Tubular SOFCs 107
Toshio Suzuki, Md. Z. Hasan, Toshiaki Yamaguchi, Yoshinobu Fujishiro, Masanobu Awano, Yoshihiro Funahashi, and Nigel. Sammes

Phase Diagram of Proton-Conducting Ba(Zr0.8-xCexY0.2)02.9 Ceramics by In Situ Micro-Raman Scattering and X-Ray Diffraction 113
C.-S. Tu, C.-C. Huang, S.-C. Lee, R. R. Chien, V. H. Schmidt, and J. Liang

Electrical Conductivity of Composite Electrolytes Based on BaO-Ce02-Gd01 s System in Different Atmospheres 121
A. Venkatasubramanian, P. Gopalan, and T.R.S. Prasanna

3D CFD Analysis for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with Functionally Graded Electrodes 131
Junxiang Shi and Xingjian Xue

Fabrication and Properties of Nano-Structural Bi203-Y203-Zr02 Composite 153
Jingde Zhang, Kangning Sun, Jun Ouyang, Jian Gao, Han Liu, Tao An, and Lijuan Xing

Author index 163