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Advances in Synthesis, Processing, and Applications of Nanostructures



Advances in Synthesis, Processing, and Applications of Nanostructures


With contributed papers from the 2011 Materials Science and Technology symposia, this is a useful one-stop resource for understanding the most important issues in advances in the synthesis, processing, and applications of nanostructures. Logically organized and carefully selected, the articles cover the themes of the symposia: Nanotechnology for Energy, Healthcare and Industry; Controlled Synthesis Processing and Applications of Structural and Functional Nanomaterials; and Synthesis, Properties, and Applications of Noble Metal Nanostructures. A must for academics in mechanical and chemical engineering, materials and or ceramics, and chemistry.

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Effect of Annealing and Transition Metal Doping on Structural, Optical and Magnetic Properties of ZnO Nanomaterial 3
Navendu Goswami

Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of Graphene Encapsulated Palladium Nanoparticles 17
Junchi Wu and Nitin Chopra

Well Adhered, Nanocrystalline, Photoactive, Ti02, Thin Films Dip-Coated On Corona-Treated Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate) by Modified Sol-Gel Processing at ~95°C and Drying at ~130°C 31
H.C. Pham, D.A.H. Hanaor, Ü.M. Cox, and C.C. Sorrell

Large-Scale Synthesis of MoS2-Polymer Derived SiCN Composite Nanosheets 45
R. Bhandavat, L. David, U. Barrera, and G. Singh

Synthesis of Ti02/Sn02 Bifunctional Nanocomposites 53
Huaming Yang and Chengli Huo

Fabrication of Porous Mullite by Freeze Casting and Sintering of Alumina-Silica Nanoparticles 57
Wenle Li, Margaret Anderson, Kathy Lu, and John Y. Walz

Low Temperature Sintering of a Gadolinium-Doped Ceria for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 65
Pasquale F. Lavorato, and Leon L. Shaw


Current Status and Prospects of Nanotechnology in Arab States 79
Bassam Alfeeli, Ghada Al-Naqi, and Abeer Al-Qattan

Finite Element Modeling for Mode Reduction in Bundled Sapphire Photonic Crystal Fibers 93
Neal T. Pfeiffenberger and Gary R. Pickrell

p-Type Silicon Optical Fiber 103
Brian Scott, Ke Wang, Adam Floyd, and Gary Pickrell

Synthesis and Characterization of Cobalt Aluminate and Fe203 Nanocomposite Electrode for Solar Driven Water Splitting to Produce Hydrogen 109
Sudhakar Shet, Kwang-Soon Ahn, Yanfa Yan, Heli Wang, Nuggehalli Ravindra, John Turner, and Mowafak Al-Jassim

Influence of Substrate Temperature and RF Power on the Formation of ZnO Nanorods for Solar Driven Hydrogen Production 115
Sudhakar Shet, Heli Wang, Yanfa Yan, Nuggehalli Ravindra, John Turner, and Mowafak Al-Jassim

Porous Material Fabrication using Ice Particles as a Pore Forming Agent 121
Samantha Smith and Gary Pickrell

Random-Hole Optical Fiber Sensors and Their Sensing Applications 129
Ke Wang, Brian Scott, Neal Pfeiffenberger, and Gary Pickrell

Wetting Properties of Silicon Incorporated DLC Films on Aluminum Substrate 135
Tae Gyu Kim, Van Cao Nguyen, Hye Sung Kim, Soon-Jik Hong, and Ri-ichi Murakami

Nanoporous Ag Prepared by Electrochemical Dealloying of Melt-Spun Cu-Ag-Si Alloys 141
Guijing Li, FeiFei Lu, Linping Zhang, Zhanbo Sun, Xiaoping Song, Bingjun Ding, and Zhimao Yang

Effect of Film Thickness on Electrical and Optical Properties of ZnO/Ag Dual Layer Film 149
Hiromi Yabe, Eri Akita, Pangpang Wang, Daisuke Yonekura, Ri-ichi Murakami, and Xiaoping Song

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