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Advancing Human Resource Project Management


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Get real-world solutions and evidence-based guidelines for HR project management challenges

Tackling major human resources management projects can be daunting, but now you can learn from the lessons of HR professionals who have encountered roadblocks or challenges in similar contexts. Advancing Human Resource Project Management is an in-depth, thoughtful resource that highlights the knowledge and experience of those who have undertaken large HR projects. This guide illustrates what worked and what didn't, with a focus on evidence and real-world cases to illuminate effective strategies and solutions. Each chapter presents empirical findings complemented by professional judgment and wisdom from human resource management professionals well-versed in global business environments.

Advancing Human Resource Project Management recognizes the importance of context, addresses the practical and professional implications of managing HR management projects in different industry sectors, and provides comprehensive coverage on implementing global development programs and project initiation and planning. Ideal for global Industrial and Organizational Psychology faculty and practitioners, graduate students, and, especially, HR professionals, this resource uncovers the best evidence-based practices available today for effective HR project management strategies. The book includes:

  • An emphasis on the implications and challenges of providing solutions for HR business problems on a global scale
  • Real-world cases and firsthand professional experiences with summaries of knowledge gained from research and practice
  • Advice on tackling challenges inherent in various stages of a project
  • Expertise and counsel from HR professionals familiar with large projects and from those who study and work in the field of project management

Let this comprehensive resource guide your approach to initiating and managing large HR projects. With solid, empirical evidence and relatable case studies, Advancing Human Resource Project Management is the ideal professional companion for those looking to strengthen their project techniques, project leadership, and management skills.

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List of Tables and Figures xiii

Foreword xvii

About the Editors xxi

About the Contributors xxiii

1 Introduction 1
Richard J. Klimoski, Beverly A. Dugan, Carla Messikomer, and François Chiocchio

Section One: Case Studies: Context Matters 15

2 Redesigning Microsoft’s High Potential Development Experience 17
Shannon Wallis

3 Litigation-Driven Human Resource Management Changes 48
Suzanne Tsacoumis and Michelle Davis King

4 Project A: Five Keys to Management and Scientific Success 73
Michael G. Rumsey and Paul A. Gade

5 Managing Critical Assessment and Development Components of a Global Leadership Development Program 105
Robin Cohen, Lisa Littrell, Seymour Adler, and Lorraine Stomski

Section Two: Fundamentals: Transferable Wisdom 133

6 Preparing for an HR Project 135
Ren Nygren and Scott Erker

7 Project Initiation 152
Reid Klion and Julia Bayless

8 Planning and Organizing 178
Monique Aubry

9 Effective HR Project Execution: Understanding Project, Team, and Stakeholder Issues 206
Peter A. Hausdorf, Stephen D. Risavy, and Philip E. Hunter

10 Contracts Administration for HR Practitioners 238
Macie Paynter, Kerri Ferstl, and Ryan O’Leary

11 Maintaining Security 271
Lucas Kuhlmann

Section Three: Applications: Strategic Issues 291

12 Managing in a Global Environment 293
Terry Cooke-Davies

13 The Development of Project Management Skills 313
Beverly A. Dugan

14 Leading and Managing Projects: Insights from the HR Quadriad 350
Karin Bredin and Jonas Söderlund

15 Toward a Comprehensive Project Stakeholder Management Approach for HR Projects 383
Martina Huemann and Dagmar Zuchi

16 The Four Cs of Human Resource Project Teams: Context, Configuration, Cycles, and Challenges 425
François Chiocchio and Peter A. Hausdorf

17 Knowledge Management in the Project Context: What It Means for HR Projects 467
François Chiocchio, Carla Messikomer, and Christian Dagenais

18 Ethics and Governance in the Temporary Organization 489
Ralf Müller

Section Four: Conclusion 513

19 HR Project Cases, Fundamentals and Applications: Lessons Learned and Other Advancements 515
Richard J. Klimoski, Beverly A. Dugan, Carla Messikomer, and François Chiocchio

Name Index 532

Subject Index 541