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Advancing Occupational Therapy in Mental Health Practice

Advancing Occupational Therapy in Mental Health Practice

Elizabeth McKay, Christine Craik, Kee Hean Lim, Gabrielle Richards

ISBN: 978-1-118-96525-2 May 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 248 Pages




Advancing Occupational Therapy in Mental Health Practice looks at the contribution that occupational therapists make to the lives of clients living with mental illness. It examines current practice developments and the innovative research that is shaping occupational therapy within the mental health arena, nationally and internationally.

The book employs a distinctive and engaging narrative approach, bringing to life key issues in practice and research. It introduces the reader to the mental health context, opening with a historical overview and then exploration of the current developments in occupational therapy before moving on to discuss the cultural context and the need for cultural sensitivity in practice. Service users and expert clinicians offer their narratives, through which the clinical utility and cultural appropriateness of existing occupational therapy concepts, assessments and outcome measures are discussed and the associated implications for practice highlighted.

Advancing Occupational Therapy in Mental Health Practice introduces and explores a variety of specialised work contexts from practicing in acute inpatient settings to crisis intervention, home treatment, forensic mental health settings and the specialist role of occupational therapy in community mental health and social services. Chapters are enriched with case stories, personal narratives and guided reflection.

Contributors vii

Preface ix

Part I: Introducing the Mental Health Context 1

1 What have we been ‘doing’?: A historical review of occupational therapy 3
Elizabeth Anne McKay

2 The changing face of occupational therapy in mental health 17
Gabrielle Richards

3 Cultural sensitivity in context 30
Kee Hean Lim

Part II: Exploring Practice Contexts 49

4 Engaging the disengaged: Practising in acute in-patient settings 51
Samantha Dewis and Michelle Harrison

5 Broadening horizons: Beyond acute mental health 63
Michelle Harrison and Samantha Dewis

6 ‘Doing’ in secure settings 76
Elaine Hunter and Elizabeth Anne McKay

7 Occupational, social and intrapersonal alienation explored in the community 89
Wendy Bryant

8 Strengths and challenges to practice: Reconciling occupational justice issues as a prerequisite to mental health recovery 103
Karen L. Rebeiro Gruhl

9 The art of occupation 118
Jacqueline Ede

10 Vocational rehabilitation in the UK: How occupational therapy can contribute 132
Carla van Heerden

11 Powerful stories and challenging messages 147
Graeme Smith

Part III: Research and Future Directions 159

12 Reviewing consumer-run mental health services 161
Samson Tse and Carolyn Doughty

13 Twists and turns: The development of a clinical–academic career pathway 189
Edward A. S. Duncan

14 Researching within mental health: Slow and steady – a Canadian tour 204
Thelma Sumsion

15 Future prospects for occupational therapy in mental health 215
Christine Craik

Index 227

"The narrative approach of the book can undoubtedly be seen as its strength." Mental Health Occupational Therapy<!--end-->
• an invaluable resource for practitioner and student alike
• a showcase for innovative practice and/or research
• a forum for the discussion of the concept of advanced practice.
• employs a distinctive and engaging narrative approach
• an excellent team of international contributors