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Advancing Women's Careers: Research in Practice



Advancing Women's Careers: Research in Practice

Dr. Ronald J. Burke (Editor), Dr. Debra L. Nelson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-631-22390-0 February 2002 Wiley-Blackwell 368 Pages


An edited volume that takes a more practical look at the area of women in management, indicating the initiatives that leading edge organizations have implemented to support the career advancement of managerial and professional women.
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1. Advancing Women in Management: Progress and Prospects (Ronald J. Burke and Debra L. Nelson).

2. Developing Women as Global Leaders: Lessons and Sense Making from an Organizational Change Effort (Joyce S. Osland, Nancy J. Adler, and Laura W. Brody).

3. A Decade o Diversity (Nuzhat Jafri and Katie Isbister).


4. The Black and Ethnic Minority Women Manager (Marilyn J. Davidson).

5. Work and Family Issues: Old and New (Suzan Lewis).

6. Sexual Harassment and Women’s Advancement: Issues, Challenges, and Directions (Myrtle P. Bell and Mary E. McLaughlin).

7. Gender Differences in Explanations for Relocating or Changing Organizations for Advancement (Phyllis Tharenou).


8. Training and Development: Creating the Right Environment to Help Women Succeed in Corporate Management (Viki Holton).

9. Career Development of Managerial Women (Ronald J. Burke).

10. Mentoring and Developmental Relationships (Terri A. Scandura and S. Gayle Baugh).

11. Exploring the Boundaries in Professional Careers: Reduced-Load Work Arrangements in Law, Medicine, and Accounting (Mary Dean Lee, Lori Engler, and Leanne Wright).

12. Developing Tomorrow’s Women Business Leaders (Susan Vinnicombe and Val Singh).

13. Flexible Work Arrangements: A Successful Strategy for the Advancement of Women at the Royal Bank Financial Group (Nora L. Spinks and Norma Tombari).


14. Boundaryless Transitions: Global Entrepreneurial Women Challenge Career Concepts (Dorothy Perrin Moore).

15. Time in Organizations: Constraints on, and Possibilities for, Gender Equity in the Workplace (Lotte Bailyn).

16. Positive Psychology at Work: Savoring Challenge and Engagement (Bret L. Simmons).

17. Organizational Culture: A Key to the Success of Work and Family Programs (Ronald J. Burke).

18. Best Practices for Retaining and Advancing Women Professionals and Managers (Mary C. Mattis).

19. Advancing Women’s Executive Leadership (Val Hammond).


  • Takes a practical look at the impact and role of women in organizations.
  • Highlights the various initiatives orgainzations have implemented to support women's careers.
  • Contributions come from leading scholars, researchers and human resource professionals.