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Adventures in Celestial Mechanics, 2nd Edition



Adventures in Celestial Mechanics, 2nd Edition

Victor G. Szebehely, Hans Mark

ISBN: 978-3-527-61779-1 July 2008 320 Pages


A fascinating introduction to the basic principles of orbital mechanics

It has been three hundred years since Isaac Newton first formulated laws to explain the orbits of the Moon and the planets of our solar system. In so doing he laid the groundwork for modern science's understanding of the workings of the cosmos and helped pave the way to the age of space exploration.

Adventures in Celestial Mechanics offers students an enjoyable way to become acquainted with the basic principles involved in the motions of natural and human-made bodies in space. Packed with examples in which these principles are applied to everything from a falling stone to the Sun, from space probes to galaxies, this updated and revised Second Edition is an ideal introduction to celestial mechanics for students of astronomy, physics, and aerospace engineering. Other features that helped make the first edition of this book the text of choice in colleges and universities across North America include:
* Lively historical accounts of important discoveries in celestial mechanics and the men and women who made them
* Superb illustrations, photographs, charts, and tables
* Helpful chapter-end examples and problem sets
On the Shoulders of Giants: An Historial Review.

Circular Orbits.

The General Problem of Two Bodies.

Elliptic Orbits.


Energy Relationships: Hyperbolic and Parabolic Orbits.

Kepler's Equation and Lambert's Theorem.

Orbital Maneuvering of Spacecraft.

Elements of Spacecraft Dynamics.

Planetary Exploration.

General Perturbation Theory and a Specific Application to the Motion of the Planet Mercury.

The Motion of Earth-Orbiting Satellites.

The Problem of Three Bodies and the Stability of the Solar System.