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Advocacy in Health Care

Advocacy in Health Care

Kevin Teasdale

ISBN: 978-0-632-06023-8

Jan 2011, Wiley-Blackwell

176 pages

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Advocacy in Health Care presents a research-based framework for advocacy that can be used as a guide to everyday clinical practice. It discusses how to speak out on behalf of patients and clients as well as how to empower them to speak out for themselves. The main themes are illustrated with case-study examples from general hospitals and community settings, as well as from the fields of learning disabilities and mental health. This book will appeal to students, qualified professionals and independent advocates working with patients and clients within the health-care system, including nurses, doctors, social workers and those in professions allied to medicine.
The nature of advocacy; The risks of advocacy; Types of advocacy; An advocacy flowchart; Wants and their assessment; Empowering clients to self advocate; External advocacy; Reducing the risks; Advocacy schemes for people with special needs; The role of patients' relatives; Independent advocacy; Supervision; An advocacy curriculum; Case studies; The way forward; References; Index
"Kevin Teasdale opens the eyes of the sceptics among healthcare professionals to the fundamentals of advocacy in a manner that is stimulating and non-confrontational"

"This book is a good read for all those currently acting as advocates.

With its clear explanations of all the parameters surrounding the field, through to guidelines for training and development, as well as practice, it is as useful to those who currently practise advocacy as those who are considering taking on this worthy mantle. "
Health Service Journal

“The book is ideally suited to the needs of nurses. For students, often unsupported as they begin to grapple with some of the dilemmas discussed…this could be an invaluable text.”
Journal of Interprofessional Care

* an essential guide to becoming an advocate in health care * offers information and advice on addressing the risks and avoiding the pitfalls
* looks at topical issues including ethics, negligence and litigation
* includes international references and multi-disciplinary examples
* relevant to both hospital and community sectors