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Aeolian Environments, Sediments and Landforms



Aeolian Environments, Sediments and Landforms

Andrew S. Goudie (Editor), Ian Livingstone (Editor), Stephen Stokes (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-98573-0 February 2000 336 Pages


Aeolian Environments, Sediments & Landforms Edited by Andrew S. Goudie School of Geography, University of Oxford, UK Ian Livingstone School of Environmental Science, Nene University College, Northampton, UK and Stephen Stokes School of Geography, University of Oxford, UK This volume provides an overview of current and future trends in aeolian research. It is written by leading scientists from the UK, Canada, India, Australia and the USA, all of whom are actively involved in aeolian research. The book seeks to provide a comprehensive account of present aeolian processes, landforms and sediments, together with an analysis of past aeolian environments. Further, it looks at some of the anthropogenic pressures on aeolian processes, both on coasts and in deserts, and discusses some management solutions. The text is characterised by the wide perspective it provides and by the authority of its authors. Its fourteen chapters cover the history of desert dune studies, recent investigations of airflow and sand transport, sand seas, coastal dune dynamics, dune management, the physics of aeolian movement, wind erosion (especially of agricultural land), dust storms, loess deposition, the aeolian rock record, palaeoenvironments in the Quaternary, luminescence dating techniques, and aeolian research for the Millennium.
The History of Desert Dune Studies over the Last 100 Years (A. Goudie).

Recent Investigations of Airflow and Sediment Transport Over Desert Dunes (W. Nickling & C. Neuman).

Geomorphology of Desert Sand Seas (N. Lancaster).

Coastal Dune Dynamics: Problems and Prospects (B. Bauer & D. Sherman).

Coastal and Continental Dune Management into the Twenty-first Century (D. Thomas).

Physics of Aeolian Movement Emphasising Changing of the Aerodynamic Roughness Height by Saltating Grains (the Owen Effect) (D. Gillette).

Wind Erosion of Agricultural Land (J. Leys).

Wind Erosional Landforms: Yardangs and Pans (A. Goudie).

Dust Transport and Deposition (G. McTainsh).

Loess (K. Pye & D. Sherwin).

The Aeolian Rock Record (G. Kocurek).

Dune Palaeoenvironments (V. Tchakerian).

Luminescence Dating of Aeolian and Coastal Sand and Silt Deposits: Applications and Implications (A. Singhvi & A. Wintle).

Conclusions (S. Stokes).