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Aerosol Processing of Materials

Aerosol Processing of Materials

Toivo T. Kodas, Mark J. Hampden-Smith

ISBN: 978-0-471-24669-5

Dec 1998

712 pages

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Unifying a wide range of materials synthesis techniques, 'Aerosol Processing of Materials' provides a detailed overview of the production of materials by the use of gas phase processes. Aerosol processes are responsible for the production of many of today's most advanced materials, especially in the semiconductor, optical waveguide, and thin film industries. Many of the unique properties of nanophase materials and composites are only possible through the application of acrosol in materials processing. This book describes various types of aerosol processes and the role of aerosols in materials processing. The work presents the advantages and disadvantages of each process in terms of cost, complexity, purity, and materials properties; and compares these factor to alternative methods of powder and film formation. The title provides the theory needed to understand and advance the fundamentals of this rapidly expanding material manufacturing processes. Written by well-respected leaders in the field, the book illuminates the roles of particle size characterization and size distributions; heat, mass, and momentum transfer; particle transport; condensation and evaporation; and coagulation and coalescence. 'Aerosol Processing of Materials' provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive single source of information available on gas-to-particle powder formation; liquid/solid-to-solid powder formation; film formation; reactor design; and particle/film characterization.
Particle Size Distribution and Physical and Chemical Characteristics.

Particle Transport.

Particle Growth, Evaporation, and Nucleation.

Collision and Coalescence.

Intraparticle Transport Processes.

Models Based on the General Dynamic Equation.


Characteristics of Nanostructured Materials.

Overall Qualitative Behavior of Gas-to-Particle Conversion Processes.

Technology of Gas-to-Particle Conversion.

Overall Qualitative Behavior of Liquid-to-Solid and Solid-to-Solid Conversion Processes.

Technology: Liquid-to-Solid and Solid-to-Solid Conversion.

Film Formation.

Film Generation Technologies.

Aerosol Reactor Components.

Measurement Techniques.