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Affiliate Millions: Make a Fortune using Search Marketing on Google and Beyond

Affiliate Millions: Make a Fortune using Search Marketing on Google and Beyond

Anthony Borelli, Greg Holden

ISBN: 978-0-470-10034-9 April 2007 272 Pages


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Affiliate Millions

For more than a decade, the Internet has allowed people to make substantial amounts of money on both a full-time and part-time basis. Today, with even more online opportunities available than ever before, you can achieve a level of financial success that most people only dream about-and in Affiliate Millions, author Anthony Borelli will show you how.

With the help of coauthor Greg Holden, Borelli will show you how to make thousands, and eventually tens of thousands, of dollars each month through the process of paid search marketing and affiliate advertising. Along the way, they'll also share the secrets to mastering this often-overlooked strategy and provide you with the tools and techniques needed to maximize your potential returns.

Since making one million dollars through paid search marketing and affiliate advertising in his first full year of operations, Anthony Borelli has never looked back. Now, he wants to help you do the same. Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, Affiliate Millions will introduce you to this profitable endeavor and show you how to make it work for you.

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This item: Affiliate Millions: Make a Fortune using Search Marketing on Google and Beyond

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Introduction xi

About the Authors xvii

Part I Getting Started

1 How to Make Millions on Google and Other Search Engines: My 10-Step Approach 3

A Little History

My 10 Steps to Becoming an Affiliate Millionaire

My Message to You: Have Faith in Yourself

2 Learning about Affiliate Advertising 13

Getting Up to Speed

How Do I Get Started?

3 Learning about Search Marketing 23

Who Are Search Marketers?

What Is Search Marketing?

What Are Search and Content Networks?

What Are My Search Marketing Options?

Why Use Search Marketing to Promote Affiliate Programs?

Part II Launching Your Advertising Campaign

4 Joining Affiliate Networks 45

How to Join Affiliate Networks

5 Joining Affiliate Programs 71

What to Look For in an Affiliate Program

Identifying and Joining the Right Affiliate Programs

6 Creating Search Marketing Campaigns 89

Steps to Create a Campaign

Join Google AdWords and Create a Campaign

Join MSN adCenter and Create a Campaign

7 Reporting 131

Affiliate Reporting

Search Reporting

Comparing the Results

8 Affiliate Advertising for Web Pages 139

Why Create a Web Site?

How Do I Start?

Web Sites That Can Use Affiliate Advertisements

What Types of Ads Can I Place?

Where Can I Get These Advertisements?

Where and When Should I Place These Ads?

Affiliate Ads as Your Primary Web Site Revenue

Designing a Web Site

Using Search Engine Optimization to Market Your Site


9 Performance Monitoring and Tuning 169

Why Monitor Performance?

Performance Monitoring

Performance Tuning

10 Dealing with Mistakes 195

Common Mistakes

Learning from Mistakes

11 Growing Your Business: A Call to Action 207

Searching for New Opportunities

Reinvesting Profits to Support Future Growth

The Affiliate Millions Web Site

12 Working at Home: Legal and Tax Requirements 219

Self-Employment and Owning Your Own Business

Licensing and Legal Considerations

Taxes and Accounting

Finding Space

Appendix: Affiliate Advertising Resources 233

Glossary 239

Index 243