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Africa's Geography: Dynamics of Place, Cultures, and Economies

Africa's Geography: Dynamics of Place, Cultures, and Economies

Benjamin Ofori-Amoah

ISBN: 978-0-470-58358-6

Jan 2019

624 pages




Africa's Geography presents a comprehensive exploration of the world’s second largest and most culturally diverse continent. Author Benjamin Ofori-Amoah challenges common misconceptions and misrepresentations of Africa from a geographical perspective, harnessing the power of modern geographic mapping technology to explore this unique continent. This text provides thorough coverage of the historical, cultural, economic, and political forces that continue to shape Africa, applying geographic context to relevant past and contemporary issues. Coverage of economic development, climate and biogeography, transportation and communication, manufacturing and commerce, and mining and agriculture provides foundational knowledge of this vast and complex continent.

Ideally suited for multiple areas of classroom study, this text offers an effective and flexible pedagogical framework. Coverage of the entirety of Africa enables students to develop a cohesive portrait of the continent as a whole and identify the dynamism of its nations, cultures, and economies. Engaging and accessible narrative strengthens comprehension, while examples of historical and contemporary events increase student interest. Innovative and unique, Africa’s Geography is an essential resource for cross-disciplinary investigation of this fascinating part of the world.

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Chapter 01 Introduction

Chapter 02 African Past

Chapter 03 The Struggle for Econ Development

Chapter 04 Geology, Relief, and Drainage Basins

Chapter 05 Climate, Biogeography, and Soils

Chapter 06 Population

Chapter 07 Society and Cultures

Chapter 08 Cities, Towns, Villages

Chapter 09 Politics and Governance

Chapter 10 Transportation and Communication

Chapter 11 Agriculture

Chapter 12 The Extractive Sector Fishing

Chapter 13 The Extractive Sector Energy and Mineral Production

Chapter 14 Manufacturing

Chapter 15 Service Activities I Trade and Tourism

Chapter 16 Service Activities II Education Health

  • Presents the first comprehensive textbook on Africa published in the last two decades
  • Covers Africa as a complete continent and allows flexible course structure, such as study of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Applies historical context to topics including slavery and colonialism, and their influence in shaping modern Africa
  • Offers extensive examination of economic issues, particularly economic development
  • Employs modern geographic technologies, such as Geographic Information System mapping technology (GIS)
  • Provides an effective pedagogical framework to strengthen student retention and comprehension