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Ageing, Dementia and the Social Mind

Paul Higgs (Editor), Chris Gilleard (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-39801-1 July 2017 Wiley-Blackwell 168 Pages


A groundbreaking exploration of the sociology of dementia — with contributions from distinguished international scholars and practitioners.

  • Organised around the four themes of personhood, care, social representations and social differentiation
  • Provides a critical look at dementia and demonstrates how sociology and other disciplines can help us understand its social context as well as the challenges it poses
  • Contributing authors explore the social terrain, responding in part, to Paul Higgs’ and Chris Gilleard’s highly influential work on ageing
  • Breaks new ground in giving specific attention to the social and cultural dimensions of responses to dementia

Notes on contributors vii

1 Ageing, dementia and the social mind: past, present and future perspectives 1
Paul Higgs and Chris Gilleard

2 Relational citizenship: supporting embodied selfhood and relationality in dementia care 7
Pia Kontos, Karen-Lee Miller and Alexis P. Kontos

3 Shifting dementia discourses from deficit to active citizenship 24
Linda Birt, Fiona Poland, Emese Csipke and Georgina Charlesworth

4 Narrative collisions, sociocultural pressures and dementia: the relational basis of personhood reconsidered 37
Edward Tolhurst, Bernhard Weicht and Paul Kingston

5 Power, empowerment, and person-centred care: using ethnography to examine the everyday practice of unregistered dementia care staff 52
Kezia Scales, Simon Bailey, Joanne Middleton and Justine Schneider

6 Institutionalising senile dementia in 19th-century Britain 69
Emily Stella Andrews

7 Dichotomising dementia: is there another way? 83
Patricia Mc Parland, Fiona Kelly and Anthea Innes

8 When walking becomes wandering: representing the fear of the fourth age 95
Katherine Brittain, Cathrine Degnen, Grant Gibson, Claire Dickinson and Louise Robinson

9 Re-imagining dementia in the fourth age: the ironic fictions of Alice Munro 110
Marlene Goldman

10 Social class, dementia and the fourth age 128
Ian Rees Jones

11 Precarity in late life: rethinking dementia as a ‘frailed’ old age 142
Amanda Grenier, Liz Lloyd and Chris Phillipson

Index 155