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Agglomeration Processes: Phenomena, Technologies, Equipment

Agglomeration Processes: Phenomena, Technologies, Equipment

Wolfgang B. Pietsch

ISBN: 978-3-527-62067-8

Jul 2008

622 pages

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Agglomeration is integral to the processes of modification of powders, production of composites and creation of new materials which are required in pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals, fertilizers and agrochemicals, minerals, ceramics, metallurgy and all material producing industries. The binding mechanisms and the particle behavior as well as the characteristics of the processes and the resulting agglomerates are the same whether they are occuring in the 'ultra-clean' pharmaceutical or food industries or in 'dirty' minerals or waste processing plants.

The book introduces the interdisciplinary approach to the development of new concepts and the solution of problems. It is a complete and up-to-date practical guide describing the various agglomeration phenomena and industrial techniques for size enlargement. In addition to introducing the properties of agglomerates and the characteristics of the different methods, descriptions of the machinery and discussions of specific equipment features are the main topics.

The detailed evaluation of the subject is based on the authors experience as student, researcher, teacher, developer, designer, vendor, and user as well as expert and consultant in the field of agglomeration, its technologies and products, and is complemented by the know-how of colleagues who are active in specific areas and information from vendors. It is intended for everybody working in industries that process and handle particulate solids as it aims to help understand and control unwanted agglomeration as well as use, improve, and develop methods for the beneficial size enlargement by agglomeration.
A Short History of Agglomeration
Agglomeration as a Generic, Independent, and Interdisciplinary Field of Science
Glossary of Agglomeration Terms
Agglomeration Theories
Agglomeration Technologies
Tumble/Growth Agglomeration
Pressure Agglomeration
Agglomeration by Heat/Sintering
Special Technologies Using the Binding Mechanisms of Agglomeration
Engineering Criteria, Development, and Plant Operation
Indexes: List of Vendors, Wordfinder Index, Subject Index
From Reviews to the Project Proposal
Dr. Paul Mort, Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA: 'Dr. Pietsch is well regarded and widely connected to a broad range of industries.... I think Dr. Pietsch will be able, through his broad contacts to pull together useful work...'
Professor Dr. Randall M. German, The Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania, USA: 'Pietsch is the expert.... He has some excellent review book, top author...'

"..worthwhile purchase for everyone who is concerned in a practical way with equipment for agglomeration processes." Angewandte Chemie