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Aging Families and Caregiving

Aging Families and Caregiving

Sara Honn Qualls (Editor), Steven H. Zarit (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-00855-3 January 2009 352 Pages


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With the field of geriatric mental health growing rapidly in the next decade as the Baby Boomers age, this timely guide brings together a notable team of international contributors to provide guidance for caregivers, families, and those who counsel them on managing caregiving challenges for aging family members. Aging Families and Caregiving helps mental health professionals guide families and other caregivers as they adjust to the demands of caring for aging family members and provides essential guidelines for the professionals treating this special-needs population.

Contributors vii

Preface ix

1. Who Are the Aging Families? 1
Rosemary Blieszner

2. Functions Families Serve in Old Age 19
Karen L. Fingerman, Laura M. Miller, and Amber J. Seidel

3. The Cultural Context of Clinical Work with Aging Caregivers 45
Martha Crowther and Audrey Austin

4. All in the Family: Providing Care to Chronically Ill and Disabled Older Adults 61
Mary Ann Parris Stephens and Melissa M. Franks

5. Impact of Dementia Caregiving: Risks, Strains, and Growth 85
Weiling Liu and Dolores Gallagher-Thompson

6. Assessment and Intervention with Family Caregivers 113
Judy Zarit

7. Empirically Supported Treatment for Family Caregivers 131
Steven H. Zarit, PhD

8. Caregiver Family Therapy for Conflicted Families 155
Sara Honn Qualls and Tara L. Noecker

9. Integrating Families into Long-Term-Care Psychology Services: Orchestrating Cacophonies and Symphonies 189
Margaret P. Norris

10. Family Caregiving and U.S. Federal Policy 209
Diane L. Elmore and Ronda C. Talley

11. Family Care Planning Services 233
Patti Auxier

12. Caregiver Services: Resources, Trends, and Best Practices 241
Nancy Giunta and Andrew Scharlach

13. A Platform for Intervention and Research on Family Communication in Elder Care 269
Michael Williams and Clayton Lewis

14. Personal Health Records for Older Adults with Chronic Conditions and Their Informal Caregivers 287
Elaine A. Blechman

Epilogue Future Directions in Family Caregiving: Clinical, Policy, and Research Initiatives 311
Steven H. Zarit

Author Index 319

Subject Index 329