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Agricultural Experimentation: Design and Analysis



Agricultural Experimentation: Design and Analysis

Thomas M. Little, F. Jackson Hills

ISBN: 978-0-471-02352-4 April 1978 368 Pages


A simple, straightforward presentation of basic statistical methods and experimental designs with emphasis on how to compute essential statistics. Introduces principles of experimentation and explains common experimental designs; detailed, step-by-step procedures show the logic and reasoning behind each analysis. Includes sections on correlation and regression, analysis of counts, and mean separation, with especially thorough coverage of transformations and the analysis of variance.
Logic, Research, and Experiment.

Some Basic Concepts.

The Analysis of Variance and t Tests.

A Population of Mean Differences.

The Completely Randomized Design.

The Randomized Complete Block Design.

Mean Separation.

Latin Square Design.

The Split-Plot Design.

The Split-Split Plot.

The Split Block.

Subplots as Repeated Observations.


Linear Correlation and Regression.

Curvilinear Relations.

Shortcut Regression Methods for Equally Spaced Observations orTreatments.

Correlation and Regression for More Than Two Variables.

Analysis of Counts.

Improving Precision.

Planned Grouping of Experimental Units--Design.