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Agriculture in the Tropics, 3rd Edition

Agriculture in the Tropics, 3rd Edition

C. C. Webster (Editor), P. N. Wilson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-632-04054-4 November 1998 Wiley-Blackwell 552 Pages


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Agriculture in the Tropics is one of the most successful and widely read books in the Tropical Agriculture Series and offers a general account of all the factors that affect agriculture in the tropics. It details the economic and physical factors that affect tropical agriculture and discusses land management and the different types of farming systems in practice. It also discusses tropical crops and the improvements that can be made by effective plant breeding programmes. Information is provided on animal feeds, how animals adapt to their environment and how livestock can be improved by well managed hygiene, breeding and nutrition. The third edition has been fully updated and is an essential reference source for all those requiring a comprehensive introduction to tropical agriculture.



1 Socio-economic Background: The World Food Problem.

2 Climate, Agriculture and Vegetation in the Tropics.

3 Tropical Soils.

4 Soil and Water Conservation.

5 Land Clearing, Drainage, Tillage and Weed Control.

6 Rain-fed Arable Farming Systems and their Improvement.

7 Rice and Rice-based Farming Systems.

8 Plantation Crops.

9 Agroforestry.

10 Tropical Crops and their Improvement.

11 Production of Animal Feed.

12 Tropical Grasslands Used for Livestock.

13 Classes of Tropical Livestock.

14 Adaptation of Livestock to Tropical Environments.

15 Cattle Management in the Tropics.

16 Livestock Improvement by Feeding and Nutrition.

17 Livestock Improvement Through Health and Hygiene.

18 Livestock Improvement Through Breeding.



* well established and highly regarded text widely read by those involved in tropical agriculture * internationally a best-selling title * it has been described as "guiding many students for many years" * this is the first edition where experts have been invited to contribute chapters on their specialities