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Biofilms in Plant and Soil Health

Iqbal Ahmad, Fohad Mabood Husain

Soil Science Simplified, 6th Edition

Neal S. Eash, Thomas J. Sauer, Deb O'Dell, Evah Odoi, Mary C. Bratz

Soil Conditions and Plant Growth

Peter J. Gregory, Stephen Nortcliff

Soil Genesis and Classification, 6th Edition

Stanley W. Buol, Randal J. Southard, Robert C. Graham, Paul A. McDaniel

The Fertilizer Encyclopedia

Vasant Gowariker, V. N. Krishnamurthy, Sudha Gowariker, Manik Dhanorkar, Kalyani Paranjape, Norman Borlaug

Neotyphodium in Cool-Season Grasses

Craig A. Roberts, Charles P. West, Donald E. Spiers

Dictionary of Agricultural and Environmental Science

Frederick R. Troeh, Roy L. Donahue

Soil Science Simplified, 4th Edition

Milo I. Harpstead, Thomas J. Sauer, William F. Bennett, Mary C. Bratz
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  • of 2 Pages
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