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Air Monitoring Methods, Volume 13

Air Monitoring Methods, Volume 13

Andrea Hartwig (Editor), Harun Parlar (Editor), Thomas H. Brock (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-33071-3

May 2013

247 pages

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This volume provides detailed, ready-to-use protocols for air monitoring methods, developed to monitor concentrations of occupational toxicants at the workplace, while they can also be used for environmental monitoring. All the methods are reliable, reproducible, adhere to quality assurance standards and cover all the required steps from sampling to the interpretation of results. This includes data on precision, accuracy, and detection limit, calibration procedures as well as potential sources of systematic errors. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of each method are clearly outlined.
Quality assurance at workplace measurements

Beryllium (BGI 505-13-02)
Bisphenol A (BGI 505-75-01)
Carbon tetrachloride, Method No. 2
Carboxylic acid amides (BGI 505-74-01)
Formic acid methyl ester, Method No. 1
Glycol ethers and glycol esters (BGI 505-76-01)
Lead and its inorganic compounds (BGI 505-73-01)
Metals (chromium, copper and inorganic compounds), Method No. 1
Nickel (BGI 505-10-02)
2-Nitronaphthalene (BGI 505-22-02)
Wood dust (BGI 505-41-02)

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