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Aircraft Dynamics: From Modeling to Simulation

Aircraft Dynamics: From Modeling to Simulation

Marcello R. Napolitano

ISBN: 978-0-470-62667-2 November 2011 720 Pages


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The 1st edition of Aircraft Dynamics: from Modeling to Simulation by Marcello R. Napolitano is an innovative textbook with specific features for assisting, motivating and engaging aeronautical/aerospace engineering students in the challenging task of understanding the basic principles of aircraft dynamics and the necessary skills for the modeling of the aerodynamic and thrust forces and moments.  Additionally the textbook provides a detailed introduction to the development of simple but very effective simulation environments for today demanding students as well as professionals.  The book contains an abundance of real life students sample problems and problems along with very useful Matlab® codes.

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Chapter 1: Aircraft Equations of Motion

Chapter 2: Review of Basic Concepts Of Aerodynamic Modeling

Chapter 3:Modeling of Longitudinal Aerodynamic Forces and Moments

Chapter 4: Modeling of Lateral Directional Aerodynamic Forces and Moments

Chapter 5: Review of Basic Aircraft Performance and Modeling of Thrust Forces and Moments

Chapter 6:   Aircraft Static Stability and Design for Trimming Conditions

Chapter 7: Solution of the Aircraft Equations of Motion Based on Laplace Transformations and Transfer Functions

Chapter 8: State Variable Modeling of the Aircraft Dynamics

Chapter 9: Development of Aircraft Simulation Models

Chapter 10: Handling Qualities and Flying Requirements

Appendix A: Review of Math and Dynamics

Appendix B: Data for Different Aircraft (10)

Appendix C: Detailed Drawings for Different Aircraft (25)

  • Strong emphasis on ‘high level’ synthesis following detailed description of the key concepts of the discipline (aircraft equations of motion, modeling of aerodynamic forces and moments, and solution of the aircraft dynamics).  See charts in Chapter 1, 3, 4, and 7.
  •  Critical chapter dedicated to the critical skills of developing a Matlab®/Simulink based simulation environment for realistic aircraft dynamic simulations. See Chapter 9.
  • Powerful ‘one-of-a-kind’ database (Appendix C) of detailed CAD drawings for 25 aircraft - representing virtually all the classes of aircraft – along with all the associated geometric data ideal for estimating all the aerodynamic coefficients.  For a number of these aircraft comparisons of the above estimates with the true values in Appendix B.