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Airmail: Three Women, Letters from Five Continents

Airmail: Three Women, Letters from Five Continents

Kate Fitzpatrick

ISBN: 978-1-740-31127-4

Sep 2011

304 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Kate Fitzpatrick is a well-known Australian actress from the stage and screen. She has seen a lot, experienced a lot and bumped into many people through her very public life. What most of us don't know is that Kate has also kept her personal letters and postcards for almost forty years. So has her sister, Sally and mum, Dawn. Airmail is a look at the lives of these three women as they write and reply to letters, send telegrams and squiggle down one-line messages on postcards during their travels beginning in the 1960s up to now. It explores their interwoven lives, their loves, their battles, the men in their lives and the far flung places they visit - all culminating in a blow-by-blow account of the last four decades. Marriage, death, birth, love affairs, famous faces and travel, Airmail is part travel memoir, part biography, part social experiment as the lives of these three women are dissected and shared openly. Airmail is brilliantly entertaining.