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Algebra I For Dummies, Mini Edition

Algebra I For Dummies, Mini Edition

ISBN: 978-1-118-73094-2

Jun 2013

64 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Factor fearlessly, conquer the quadratic formula, and solve linear equations

Let this friendly guide show you the easy way to tackle algebra. You'll get plain-English explanations of the basics — and the tougher stuff — in terms you can understand. Whether you want to brush up on your math skills or help your children with their homework, this book gives you power — to the nth degree.

Open the book and find:

  • How to figure out fractions and deal with decimals
  • Guidance on working with exponents and radicals
  • The rules of divisibility
  • The standard quadratic expression
  • When to use FOIL and unFOIL
Introduction 1

Icons Used in This Book 1

Where to Go from Here 2

Chapter 1: Setting the Scene for

Actions in Algebra 3

Making Numbers Count 4

Facing reality with reals 4

Going green with naturals 4

Wholesome whole numbers 5

Integrating integers 5

Behaving with rationals 5

Reacting to irrationals 6

Picking out primes and composites 6

Giving Meaning to Words and Symbols 6

Valuing vocabulary 7

Signing up for symbols 9

Going for grouping 10

Taking on algebraic tasks 11

Operating with Signed Numbers 12

Adding signed numbers 12

Subtracting signed numbers 13

Multiplying and dividing signed numbers 15

Dealing with Decimals and Fractions 17

Changing fractions to decimals 17

Changing decimals to fractions 18

Chapter 2: Examining Powers and Roots 21

Expanding and Contracting with Exponents 21

Exhibiting Exponent Products 23

Taking Division to Exponents 24

Taking on the Power of Zero 25

Taking on the Negativity of Exponents 25

Putting Powers to Work 27

Circling around Square Roots 28

Chapter 3: Ordering and Distributing:

The Business of Algebra 31

Taking Orders for Operations 31

Dealing with Distributing 33

Making Numbers and Variables Cooperate 35

Relating negative exponents to fractions 37

Creating powers with fractions 38

Making Distributions Over More Than One Term 39

Chapter 4: Factoring in the First and Second Degrees 41

Making Factoring Work 42

Facing the factoring method 43

Factoring out numbers and variables 44

Getting at the Basic Quadratic Expression 46

Following Up on FOIL and unFOIL 47

Making UnFOIL and the GCF Work Together 52

Getting the Best of Binomials 53

Facing up to the difference of two perfect squares 54

Creating factors for the difference of perfect cubes 55

Finishing with the sum of perfect cubes 56