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Align IT: Business Impact Through IT



Align IT: Business Impact Through IT

Richard Wyatt-Haines

ISBN: 978-0-470-03039-4 May 2007 470 Pages

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At last, here is a book that brings IT's relationship with business to life, and enables you to implement strategy rather than develop it. Richard Wyatt-Haines helps you see the true potential of IT in delivering the growth and success to which you aspire. Whilst you may have seen the chapter headings before, you won't have seen the topics approached in a manner that helps you understand the what, the why and the how, and then shows you what you have to do on the ground to deliver impact and success.

In each chapter, Richard takes three different, but complementary, approaches to the topics:

Touching - which links the underlying thinking with the world in which CEOs, IT mangers and directors operate.

Looking - which provides stories, case studies and examples to bring the topic to life

Doing - which tells you what actions you need to take

You can use all three approaches, or just follow the one that suits your own personality and learning preference best.

Drawing on every ounce of his years of facilitating and speaking experience, Richard brings a passion to the topic that will inspire you to go out and do something different so that you achieve something different...and better!

Align IT is accessible, the principles memorable and the lessons applicable.

This book is stimulating, engaging and energizing. Before undertaking any major change in strategy or organizational structure I suggest you read it." - John Anderson, Director, Sony Europe

"Richard Wyatt-Haines has written an insightful and intensely practical book illustrating just how IT strategy can be correctly aligned with Business strategy and genuinely help to deliver breakthrough performance...This book should be required reading for executive and non-executive Directors and Not just CIOs." - Prof Jim Norton, Senior Policy Adviser E-Business & E-Government, UK Institute of Directors

"Whether you aspire to be a CIO, or you've been doing the job for decades, you will definitely learn something from this book. All CIOs need to be able to simplify complex topics into straightforward, approvable strategies: Richard will help to get you there." - Aiden Walsh, Director of IS, Cancer Research UK

Who is this book for? xi

Introduction xiii

Section 1: The business & its strategy 1

1 Strategy today 3

2 Competing businesses 31

3 The setting for strategy 67

Section 2: Aligning IT with the strategy 85

4 The potential value of IT 87

5 Aligning IT 117

6 Focusing on outcomes 157

Section 3: Following, Enabling and Leading — What does this mean in practice? 191

7 Following 193

8 Enabling 219

9 Leading 245

Section 4: Delivering with impact 263

10 Leadership & management in IT 265

11 Building and sustaining your brand 305

12 Change plus 353

13 Culture 407

14 In closing 435

References 437

Index 441

"...provides plenty of food for thought for anybody pondering the business / IT divide."  (Information Age, December 2007)