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Aligning Performance: Improving People, Systems, and Organizations



Aligning Performance: Improving People, Systems, and Organizations

Danny Langdon

ISBN: 978-0-787-94736-1 November 1999 Pfeiffer 304 Pages


Achieve efficient and effective performance!

This book will help you to:
* Define performance
* Develop an improvment plan
* Implement the improvment process
* Measure and track performance

How do you define "performance"? If you're not quite sure what thedefinition is, how can you expect it from you employees? And howcan you expect to see improvement?

What you need is a complete and concise view of what performanceis, in all of its dimensions. Bridging the gap between developersand users, this book presents a common performance framework thataccurately demonstrates what performance is. Once you understandthe underlying concepts, you'll be able to find answers to theproblems that prevent your organization from achieving efficientand effective performance at the individual, work group, process,and entire business unit level.

This book, a timely, foundational breakthrough on how performancecan be improved, is your long-awaited answer to all yourperformance alignment questions.



Introduction to Performance Alignment in Business.

The Business Sphere: Where to Apply Performance.

The Work Behavior of the Business Unit: The What of Business.

The Work Behavior of Core Processes: The How of Business.

The Work Behavior of Individuals: Work by Whom?

The Work Behavior of Work Groups: The Organization of Work.

Work Standards: The Excellence of Work.

Work Support: The Health of Business.

Human Consonance: Reducing the Interference of the HumanElement.

Achieving Performance Alignment in Business.



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