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Alkyl Polyglycosides: Technology, Properties, and Applications

Alkyl Polyglycosides: Technology, Properties, and Applications

Karlheinz Hill (Editor), Wolfgang von Rybinski (Editor), Gerhard Stoll (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61468-4

Sep 2008

251 pages

Select type: E-Book



The first comprehensive survey on the uses of alkyl polyglycosides as renewable ressources for the chemical industry. Experts from industry show in detail how alkyl polyglycosides can help chemists to improve their products.

Since quite a few years, renewable Ressources are of increasing interest for the chemical industry. Alkyl polyglycosides are among the frequently used substances produces from renewable ressorces. Their science as well as technological applications are described in this book competently and with a focus on industrial use.
History of Alkyl Polyglycosides
Technology and Production of Alkyl Polyglycosides
Analysis of Alkyl Polyglycosides and Determinatin in Consumer Products and Environmental Matrices
Physicochemical Properties of Alkyl Polyglycosides
Alkyl Polyglycosides in Personal Care Products
Alkyl Polyglycosides in Hard Surface Cleaners and Laundry Detergents
Alkyl Polyglycosides -
New Solutions for Agricultural Applications
New Nonionic Derivatives of Alkyl Polyglycosides -
Synthesis and Properties
Toxicology of Alkyl Polyglycosides
Dermatological Properties of Alkyl Polyglycosides
Ecological Evaluation of Alkyl Polyglycosides
Life-Cycle Inventory of Alkyl Polyglycosides
Patent Situation in the Field of Alkyl Polyglycosides
Surfactants in Consumer Products -
A Brief Survey