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Alternative Energy and Shale Gas Encyclopedia

Alternative Energy and Shale Gas Encyclopedia

Jay H. Lehr (Editor), Jack Keeley (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-06632-3

Apr 2016

912 pages



A comprehensive depository of all information relating to the scientific and technological aspects of Shale Gas and Alternative Energy

  • Conveniently arranged by energy type including Shale Gas, Wind, Geothermal, Solar, and Hydropower
  • Perfect first-stop reference for any scientist, engineer, or student looking for practical and applied energy information
  • Emphasizes practical applications of existing technologies, from design and maintenance, to operating and troubleshooting of energy systems and equipment
  • Features concise yet complete entries, making it easy for users to find the required information quickly, without the need to search through long articles

Introduction - Energy Drives Everything
Howard Hayden


1 Acceptance of Wind Power: An Introduction of Drivers and Solutions
Jacob Ladenburg

2 Wind Power Forecasting Techniques
Michael Negnevitsky

3 Maximizing the Loading in Wind Turbine Plants,(a) The Betz Limit  (b) Ducting the Turbine
D.P.Georgiou and N.G.Theodoropoulos

4 Modeling Wind Turbine Wakes for Wind Farms
Angus C.W. Creech and Wolf-Gerrit Fruh

5 Fatigue Failure in Wind Turbine Blades
J.C. Marin, A. Barroso, F. Paris and J. Canas

6 Floating Wind Turbines, the New Wave in Offshore Wind Power
Dominique Roddier and Antoine Peiffer

7 Wind Power - Aeole Turns Marine
Roger H. Charlier and Alexandre C. Thys

8 Impacts of Wind Farms on Weather and Climate at Local and Global Scales
Justin J. Traiteur and Somnath Baidya Roy

9 Alternate Wind Energy Sources
Kevin Pope and Greg F. Naterer

10 Windmill Brake State Models Used in Predicting Wind Turbine Performance
Panu Pratumnopharat and Pak Sing Leung

11 Lightning Protection of Wind Turbines and Associated Phenomena
Petar Sarajcev

12 Wind Turbine Wake Modeling - Possibilities with Actuator Line/Disc Approaches
Stefan Ivanell and Robert Mikkelsen

13 Random Cascade Model for Surface Wind Speed
R. Baile and J.F. Muzy

14 Wind Power Budget
Hugo Abi Karam

15 Identification of wind Turbines in Closed-Loop Operation in the Presence of Three Dimensional Turbulence Wind Speed: Torque Demand to Measured Generator Speed Loop
M Iribas-Latour and I.D. Landau

16 Identification in Closed-Loop Operation of Models for Collective Pitch Robust Controller Design
M. Iribas-Latour and I.D. Landau

17 Wind Basics - Energy From Moving Air (Public Domain)

18 Wind - Chronological Development (Public Domain)


1 Solar Air Conditioner
Darine Zambrano and Winston Garcia-Gabin

2 Energy Performance of Hybrid Co-generation Versus Side-by side Solar Water Heating and Photovoltaic for Subtropical Building Application
Tin-Tin Chow, Ka-Kui Tse and Norman Tse

3 Thin Film Silicon Solar Cells
Nicolas Budini, Roberto D. Arce, Roman H. Buitrago and Javier A. Schmidt

4 Solar Basics - Energy From The Sun (Public Domain)

5 NASAArmstrong Fact Sheet: Solar-Power Research (Public Domain)

6 Solar Thermal - Chronologic Development (Public Domain)

7 Photovoltaic - Chronologic Development (Public Domain)


1 Geothermal: History, Classification and Utilization for Power Generation
Mathew C. Aneke and Mathew C. Menkiti

2 Enhanced Geothermal Systems
Rosemarie Mohais, Choashui Xi, Peter A. Dowd, and Martin Hand

3 Thermodynamic Analysis of Geothermal Power Plants
Mehmet Kanoglu and Alo Bolatturk

4 Sustainability Assessment of Geothermal Power Generation
Annette Evans, Vladimir Strezov and Tim J. Evans

5 Geothermal Energy and Organic Rankine Cycle Machines
B.F. Tchanche

6 Low Temperature Geothermal Energy: Geospatial and Economic Indicators
Alberto Gemelli, Adriano Mancini and Sauro Longhi

7 Dry Cooling Towers for Geothermal Power Plants
Zhiqiang Guan, Kamel Hooman and Hal Gurgenci

8 Thermal Storage
Marc A. Rosen 

9 Shallow Geothermal Systems: Computational Challenges and Possibilities
Rafid Al-Khoury

10 Geothermal Basics - Water is Geothermal Energy

11 Geothermal - Chronologic Development (Public Domain)


1 Sustainability of Hydropower
Joerg Hartmann

2 Environmental Issues Related to Conventional Hydropower
Z. Daniel Deng, Alison H. Colotelo, Richard S. Brown, and Thomas J. Carlson

3 Social Issue Related to Hydropower
Joerg Hartmann

4 Safety in Hyrdropower Devrlopment and Operation
Urban Kjellen

5 Pumped Hydroelectric Storage
J.P. Deane and Brian O’Gallachoir

6 Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Hydroelectric Dams in Tropical Forests
Philip M. Fearnside

7 Physical and Multi-dimensional Numeric Hydraulic
Sassaman and Daniel Gessler

8 Experimental and Numerical Modeling Tools for Conventional hydropower Systems
Z. Daniel Deng, Thomas J. Carlson, GEne R. Ploskey, Richard S. Brown, Gary E, Johnson and Alison H.A. Colotelo

9 The State of Art on Large Cavern Design for Underground Powerhouses and Some Long Term Issues
Omer Aydan

10 Hydroelectric Power for the Nation (Public Domain)

11 Hydropower Basics - Energy From Moving Water (Public Domain)

12 Hydropower - Chronologic Development (Public Domain)


1 Fuel Cell Control
Winston Garcia-Gabin and Darine Zambrano

2 Recent Trends in the Development of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Systems
Amomchai Arpornwichanop and Suthida Authayanun

3 Integrated Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Systems for Electrical Power Generation - A Review
Suttichai Assabumrungrat, Amomchai Arpornwichanop,Vorachatra Sukwattanajaroon and Dang Saebea

4 Polymer Electrolytes for Lithium Secondary Batteries
Fiona M. Gray and Michael J. Smith

5 Recycling and Disposal of Battery Materials
Michael J. Smith and Fiona M.Gray

6 AC or DC
M. Aram Azadpour


1 Will Renewables Cut Carbon Dioxide Emissions Substantially
Herbert Hinhaber

2 The Concept of Base Load Power
Mark Diesendorf

3 Tidal Power Harnessing
Roger H. Charlier

4 The Loading of Water Current Turbines (a) The Betz Limit and (b) the Ducted Turbine
Georgiou and N. Theodoropoulos

5 Bottled Gas as Household Energy
Masami Kojima

6 Exergy Analysis: Theory and Applications
Marc A. Rosen

7 GlobalTransport Energy Consumption
Patrick Moriarty and Damon Honnery

8 Biomass - Renewable Energy from Plants and Animals (Public Domain)

9 Planting and Managing Switchgrass as a Biomass Energy Crop (Public Domain)

10 Municipal Solid Waste - Chronological Development (Public Domain)

11 Ethanol - Chronological Development (Public Domain)

12 Thermal Properties of Methane Hydrate by Experiment and Modeling and Impacts Upon Technology
R.P. Warzonski, I.K.Gamwu, E.J. Rosenbaum, E.M. Myshakin, H. Jiang, K.D. Jordan,N.J. English and D. W. Shaw (Public Domain


1 Shale Gas Will Rock The World (Public Domain)

1a  What is Shale Gas (Public Domain)

2 Directional and Horizontal Drilling in Oil and Gas Wells (Public Domain)

3 Hydraulic Fracturing of Oil and gas Wells Drilled in Shale (Public Domain)

4  Hydraulic Fracturing: A Game-Changer for Energy and Economies
Isaac Orr

5 Zero Discharge Water Management for Horizontal Shale Gas Well Development - West Virginia Water Research Institute (Public Domain)

6 Shale Gas Versus Ethanol: A Water Perspective (Public Domain)

7 Natural Gas Basics - How Was Natural Gas Formed (Public Domain)

8 About Oil Shale - What is Oil Shale (Public Domain)

9 Natural Gas - Chronological Development (Public Domain)

10 Energy Mineral Division of the American Association of Petroleum Geologist’s, Shale Gas and Liquids Committee Annual Report, FY 2014

"As a reliable and current reference book, the 912-page Encyclopedia of Alternative Energy and Shale Gas contains a total of 76 articles [and] covers multiple important alternate energy and renewable energy sources and shale gas topics...The book...has great value as a current energy reference book in public and university libraries, as well as on the bookshelves of those interested in getting a quick overview of alternate energy sources and shale gas." (The Professional Geologist 23/01/2017)

“Overall the book has a lot of information, some of it of interest to the public and politicians and some of it of interest to engineers. For both groups, this is a useful source of information. The articles have full bibliographies so topics can be taken further.” (John Goodier, Reference Reviews, Vol 31, No 3)

Overall the book has a lot of information,
some of it of interest to the public and
politicians and some of it of interest to
engineers. For both groups, this is a useful
source of information. The articles have full
bibliographies so topics can be taken further.