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Aluminium Cast House Technology: Eighth Australasian Conference

Aluminium Cast House Technology: Eighth Australasian Conference

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)

ISBN: 978-1-118-78743-4

Oct 2013

384 pages

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Preface v

Sponsors and International Steering Committee vii

Casthouse Safety Improvements - Boyne Smelters Limited 1

Recent Technological Developments 17
P. Whiteley

Improvements & Innovations in Cast Houses at Hindalco 23
S.C. Tandon and M. Mohan

Casthouse Upgrade at Bayside Aluminium - From the Manual 1970's to the 2 l'st Century 35
H. Muller, P. van Zyl, D. Rees,O. Bousema and P. Vermeulen

Refractory Selection, Use and Performance 47
R. Raju

Multi Chamber Melting Furnaces for Recycling of Aluminium Scrap 57
de Grootand J. Migchielsen

A Look at the History and Some Recent Developments in the Use of Electromagnetic Devices for Improving Operational Efficiency in the Aluminium Cast House 71
A.M. Peel

Development of Refractory Linings in the Holding Furnaces at Tomago Aluminium 101
R. Morrow

Improvements in Casthouse Processing Using In-Furnace Refining Systems Ill
R. Bridiand M. Smith

Effects of Decoating on the Fluidity and Aluminum Recovery in UBCs Recycling 127
C. Limmaneevichitr, R. Sirichaivetkul and K. Puparatanapong

Recent Trends in Aluminium Recycling 137
F. Niedermair

Cast House Safety Progress (abstract only) 151

Optmising the Cost of Grain Refinement by Separate TiB2 and Ti Additions to Wrought Aluminium Alloys 153
M. Easton, D. Stjohn, L. Sweet and M. Couper

Influence of AlTiB Master Alloy Type and Casting Conditions on Grain Refinement of Aluminium Alloys 167
W. Schneider and P. Cooper

Recent Advances in Understanding the Eutectic Solidification in Al-Si Foundry Alloys 183
L. Lu, A. Dahle, P. Cooper andM. Couper

High Performance Metal Delivery Systems™ Provide Rapid Payback 195
W. Lee, B.L. Bridgham andS.R. Schenck

Aluminium Cast House Concept for XXI Century 207
M.H. Kcgan

Commissioning of a Vertical Direct Chill Caster for Production of Magnesium Extrusion Billet and Slab 215
Grandneld, C-C. Young, K. Oswald and P. Baker

The Investigation Into Kinked Sheet Ingot Butts at an Alcan Casthouse 223
C. Weaver, Y Caron,J. Langlais, M. Biagioni and J.-C Pomerleau

Application of Mathematical Models to Optimisation of Cast Start Practice for DC Cast Extrusion Billets 231
J.F. Grandfield and L. Wang

Modelling of Hot Tearing in Aluminium DC Casting - Presentation of a European Collaborative Project 237
A. Mo andM. M'Hamdi

Experimental Description and Process Simulation of Direct Chill (DC) Casting of Aluminum Alloys 243
L. Katgertnan, D.G. Eskin, B.C.H. Venneker,J. Zuidema andSuyitno

Experience with Automation and the Introduction of Casting and Degassing Technology for Improved Productivity, Product Quality and Safety at Comalco Bell Bay's VDC4 Facility 259
PR. Austen, EJ. Swain and CM. Keeley

Mathematical Modelling of Ingot Caster Filling Systems 271
Grand field, P. Cleary, M. Prakash, M. Sinnott, K. Oswald and V.Alguine

The Effect of Phosphorous on Horizontal Continuous Casting of Strontium Modified Silicon Alloy Based Upon Casting Experience at Bayside Aluminium South Africa 277
P. van Zyl, D. Sees, D. Kokand A. Viljoen

Wagstaff Epsilon™ Ingot Casting Technology: Ingot Characteristics and Metallurgical Structure 285
C. ShaberandD. Spilker

The Properzi Method for Producing Primary or Secondary Aluminium Ingots 301
CM. Brocato

23kg Remelt Ingot Productivity, the Aspects of Mould Life and Heat Transfer 313
L. Meadows

Continuous Casting and Thixoforming of Semisolid Aluminum Alloys 325
T. Motegi and F. Tanabe

Cost Reduction and Saving 331
S. Al-Jabal

Cleanliness of Primary A356 Alloy: Interpretation and Standardisation of PoDFA Laboratory Measurements 341
M. V. Canullo, M.F.J. Labaton and R.A. Laje

The Integration of Automatic Loading into an Ingot Casting Facility 357
D. Mathieson

Author Index 371