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Aluminium Cast House Technology: Seventh Australian Asian Pacific Conference

Aluminium Cast House Technology: Seventh Australian Asian Pacific Conference

Peter R. Whiteley (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-80551-0

Sep 2013

384 pages

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Preface v

Co-Sponsors and Steering Committee vii


Prospects for the World Aluminium Markets (abstract only) 3
Tom Waring

Aluminium Casthouse Technology Overview 5
Peter R. Whiteley

Revised Hot Metal Logistics at Bayside Aluminium 13
M.J. Hughes


New Product Developments for Aluminium Cast Houses 23
Leonards. Aubrey, DawidD. Smith and Luiz C.B. Martins

Measurements of the Performance of In-Line Processes Using LiMCA 45
T.N. Ware, M. Cooksey and M.J. Couper


The Evolution of Furnace Operations in Alcan Smelter Castshops 57
Clark Weaver

The Real Cost of Alloying in the Cast House 65
Jim Pearson and Paul Cooper

Recent Developments in Aluminum Scrap Melting-Update 77
Richard S. Henderson, David V. Neffand Chris T. Vild

Influence of Electromagnetic Stirring on the Melting of Aluminium 87
Olof Sjoden

Salt Fluxes for Alkali and Alkaline Earth Element Removal from Molten Aluminum 99
David H. DeYoung

Comparison of Rotary Salt & Non Salt Dross Processing Technologies 115
Garbis Simonian


A Comprehensive Study of Ceramic Foam Filtration 125
Nicholas G. Towsey, Wolfgang Schneider and Hans-Peter Krug

Which Method to Choose for Alkaline Reduction? Either in the Pot Room Crucible or in the Cast House 139
Martin B. Taylor

Recent Developments in the Prediction of Grain Refiner Performance 151
D.H. St. John and M.A. Easton

Launder Design and the Use of Tempcal Modelling (abstract only) 161
J.O. Marthinusen andS. Ray

Boron Nitride Release Coatings 163
Stephan Rudolph


Two Years Experience with Wagstaff LHC Varimould™ Technology at Bayside Aluminium 173
N.G. Hall

Netcast Shape Casting Technology: A Technological Breakthrough That Enhances the Cost Effectiveness of Aluminium Forgings 185
Mark Anderson, Richard Bruski, Daniel Groszkiewicz and Bob Wagstaff

The Role of Surface Tension Forces in Gas Pressurized VDC Casting 195
P. W. Baker and J.F. Grandfield

A Total Business Cost Approach 205
Brett T. Aisen and Lachlan J. Massey

Optimising Pit Recoveries on 6XXX Extrusion Billet 213
David Latter


Casthouse Safety in 2001 223
John E. Jacoby

Improving Safety Performance in an Aluminium Casthouse 233
Barry Taylor


An Assessment of the Design of a Gautschi Mould Using Finite Element Analysis 247
Philip Clausen and Geoff Whan

Horizontal Direct Chilled (HDC) Casting Technology for Aluminium and Requirements to Metal Cleanliness 253
Franz Niedermair

Aspects of Heat Transfer During Production of Remelt Ingot Using Chain Casters 263
J.F. Grandfield, T.T. Nguyen, G. Redden and J.A. Taylor

Twin-Belt Casting Technology Update (abstract only) 273
W. Szczypiorski

Improving Horizontal Direct Chill Casting 275
Ali A. Dawood


Effect of Homogenisation Temperature and Time on Billet Microstructure and Extruded Properties of Alloy 6061 287
M.J. Couper, M. Cooksey and B. Rinderer

Effect of Homogenization on Small Diameter Billets - An Extruder's Experience 297
Hua-Tian Tan and Callistus Hing-Chih Lee

Control of Wire Rod Physical Properties Like Ultimate Tensile Strength and Elongation by Close Monitoring of Rolling Energy Input 305
S.D. Chouharia, P.S. Gambhir and M. Dash


Aluminium and Magnesium: Equipment and Process Comparison 319
Paul McGlade and Nigel Ricketts


Recycling of Contaminated Aluminium Scrap - A Responsible Approach 331
Richard J. Evans


Cast House Refractories - Selection & Evaluation 343
Robert C. Flann


Advances in On-Site Alloy Analysis and Identification (abstract only) 357
Keith Watson

Automation Primer for Supervisors and Operators 359
Peter R. Whiteley

Author Index 371