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American Journal of Transplantation

American Journal of Transplantation

Edited By:Allan D. Kirk

Vol 18(12 Issues in 2018 )

Print ISSN: 1600-6135

Online ISSN: 1600-6143

Impact Factor: 6.493

Digital version available through Wiley Online Library

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Overview | Aims & Scope | Keywords

Welcome to the AJT website!

With its high quality content, an average time to decision of 19 days, and an Impact Factor of 6.165 (ranked no. 2 in Transplantation, no. 5 in Surgery), the American Journal of Transplantation is the journal you can’t be without.

The American Journal of Transplantation serves as a forum for debate and reassessment, an agent of change, and a major platform for promoting understanding, improving results, and advancing science in this dynamic field. Published monthly, the American Journal of Transplantation provides an essential resource for researchers and clinicians around the world.

American Journal of Transplantation is the leading journal in its field.

• 2016 Impact Factor of 6.165 – The second highest impact factor in the Transplantation category and fifth in Surgery.
• Accepted articles available online before print publication via Accepted Articles and Early View
• Publishes original articles, case reports, invited reviews, letters to the editor, critical reviews, news features, consensus documents and guidelines
• 12 issues a year, covering all major subject areas, including:
o Thoracic (heart, lung), abdominal (kidney, liver, pancreas, islets), tissue and stem cell transplantation
o Organ and tissue donation and preservation
o Tissue injury, repair, inflammation and aging
o Histocompatibility
o Drugs and pharmacology
o Graft survival and prevention of graft dysfunction and failure
o Ethical and social issues
• Free online access to all articles after 12 months
• High international readership – In addition to AST/ASTS members, more than 2,000 institutions worldwide have access to the American Journal of Transplantation

Speed of Publication and Author Services

• Average time from submission to decision is 19 days
• Average time from acceptance to online publication is 5 days, time to Early View is 48 days, and average time from acceptance to print publication is 172 days
• Simple and efficient online submission process – visit
• Excellent service provided by editorial and production offices
• Wiley-Blackwell’s outstanding author services website allows you to track your article through all stages the publication process – visit

NIH Public Access Mandate

For those interested in the Wiley-Blackwell policy on the NIH Public Access Mandate, please visit our policy statement.