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American Medical Association Girl's Guide to Becoming a Teen

American Medical Association Girl's Guide to Becoming a Teen

American Medical Association, Amy B. Middleman (Editor), Kate Gruenwald

ISBN: 978-1-118-42989-1 June 2012 Jossey-Bass 128 Pages




Becoming a teen is an important milestone in every girl’s life. It’s even more important to get answers and advice to the most common health issues girls face from a trusted source. The American Medical Association Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Teen is filled with invaluable advice to get you ready for the changes you will experience during puberty. Learn about these important topics and more:
  • Puberty and what kinds of physical and emotional changes you can expect—from your developing body to your feelings about boys
  • The importance of eating the right foods and taking care of your body
  • Your reproductive system inside and out
  • Starting your period—what it means and how to handle it
  • Thinking about relationships and dealing with new feelings


Chapter One: Welcome to Puberty 6

Chapter Two: Eating, Exercise, and a Healthy Weight 14

Chapter Three: Your Height 26

Chapter Four: Your Skin, Teeth, and Hair 32

Chapter Five: Your Reproductive System-Inside and Out 50

Chapter Six: Your Period 64

Chapter Seven: Your Feelings 72

Chapter Eight: Relationships 86

Chapter Nine: What About Sex? 100