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Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy

Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy

Donald B. Kraybill , Steven M. Nolt , David L. Weaver-Zercher

ISBN: 978-0-470-34404-0

Mar 2010, Jossey-Bass

288 pages

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Praise for Amish Grace

"A story our polarized country needs to hear: It is still grace that saves."
Bill Moyers, Public Affairs Television

"In a world where repaying evil with evil is almost second nature, the Amish remind us there's a better way. In plain and beautiful prose, Amish Grace recounts the Amish witness and connects it to the heart of their spirituality."
Sister Helen Prejean, author, Dead Man Walking

"Faced with the notorious Amish aversion to publicity, reporter after reporter turned to the answer one question: How could the Nickel Mines Amish so readily, so completely, forgive? While the text provides a detailed account of the tragedy, its beauty lies in its discovery of forgiveness as the crux of Amish culture. Never preachy or treacly, it suggests a larger meditation more than apt in our time."
Philadelphia Magazine

"This balanced presentation . . .blends history, current evaluation of American society, and an examination of what builds community into a seamless story that details the shootings while it probes the religious beliefs that led to such quick forgiving. Recommended."
Library Journal

"Professors Kraybill, Nolt, and Weaver-Zercher have written a superb book—a model of clear, forceful writing about a tragedy and its aftermath. They have an obvious affection for the Amish yet ask tough questions, weigh contradictions, and explore conundrums such as how a loving God could permit schoolgirls to be massacred."
National Catholic Reporter

Preface xi

Part One 1

1 The Nickel Mines Amish 3

2 The Shooting 17

3 The Aftermath 29

4 The Surprise 43

5 The Reactions 53

Part Two 65

6 The Habit of Forgiveness 67

7 The Roots of Forgiveness 85

8 The Spirituality of Forgiveness 99

9 The Practice of Forgiveness 113

Part Three 123

10 Forgiveness at Nickel Mines 125

11 What About Shunning? 141

12 Grief, Providence, and Justice 155

13 Amish Grace and the Rest of Us 173

Afterword (2010) 185

Interview with Terri Roberts 191

Appendix: The Amish of North America 201

Endnotes 215

Resources for Further Reading 229

Acknowledgments 233

The Authors 235

Index 237

Discussion and Reflection Guide 249

The Fetzer Institute 267