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An Atlas of Interpretative Radiographic Anatomy of the Dog and Cat, 2nd Edition



An Atlas of Interpretative Radiographic Anatomy of the Dog and Cat, 2nd Edition

Arlene Coulson, Noreen Lewis (With)

ISBN: 978-1-444-35671-7 August 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 664 Pages


This is the definitive reference for the small animal practitioner to normal radiographic anatomy of the cat and dog. With over forty years of experience between them, the authors have produced an invaluable reference atlas for the veterinary practitioner. The book is suitable for the general and referral based practitioner, undergraduate or postgraduate veterinary surgeon.
  • Over 550 radiographic images analysed and explained
  • More than 50 new figures added, with the quality of existing images enhanced
  • Revised contents and page headers for easy-reference
  • Clear informative line drawings to trace radiographic shadows and schematic drawings of underlying structures not seen in plain radiographs.

Preface vii

Acknowledgements viii

Introduction ix

Aim of the book ix

Drawings ix

Animals ix

Radiography x

Normality x

Acknowledgements x


Skeletal System 1

Appendicular Skeleton

Forelimb: Figures 1–114 1

Hindlimb: Figures 115–224 65

Axial Skeleton

Skull: Figures 225–303 153

Vertebrae: Figures 304–389 211

Ribs and Sternum: Figures 390–399 268

Soft Tissue 275

Pharynx and Larynx: Figures 400–405 275

Thorax: Figures 406–461 281

Abdomen: Figures 462–506 335

Skeletal System 381

Appendicular Skeleton

Forelimb: Figures 507–581 381

Hindlimb: Figures 582–651 419

Axial Skeleton

Skull: Figures 652–681 463

Vertebrae: Figures 682–714 483

Ribs and Sternum: Figures 715–718 508

Soft Tissue 513

Pharynx and Larynx: Figures 719–720 513

Thorax: Figures 721–744 516

Abdomen: Figures 745–757 539


Soft Tissue 553

Bronchography: Figures 758–759

Barium meal: Figures 760–783

Barium enema: Figures 784–785

Pneumocolon: Figures 786

Cholecystography: Figure 787

Intravenous urography: Figures 788–797

Cystography: Figures 798–803

Retograde urethrography in male: Figure 804

Retrograde vaginography and vaginourethrography in

female: Figures 805–806

Portography: Figures 807–808

Sialography: Figures 809–811

Skeletal System 607

Arthrography: Figure 812

Myelography: Figures 813–826

Soft Tissue 621

Barium meal: Figures 827–835

Barium impregnated polyethylene spheres (BIPS):

Figures 836–837

Cholecystography: Figures 838–839

Intravenous urography: Figures 840–842

Cystography: Figures 843–845

Retrograde vaginography in female: Figure 846

Retrograde urethrography in male: Figure 847

Portography: Figure 848

Skeletal System 643

Myelography: Figures 849–856

Bibliography 650

"One of the strengths of this book is that the authors have managed to incorporate so much useful material in an uncluttered fashion.  This book would appeal to all practitioners or students of veterinary radiography... it is a reference manual best utilized whilst appraising radiographs and with bone specimens to hand. It deserves to be well-thumbed and reside in consulting and x-ray rooms rather than the shelves of practice libraries.... an invaluable addition to reading rooms in both general and referral practice." - Journal of Small Animal Practice, May 2009

“Any small animal practitioner or library catering to vets and students will find this an essential reference to definitive radiographic anatomy of the dog and cat. From projections of plain radiographs to contrast studies, comparisons of images for diagnosis, and more, this updated edition packs in over 50 new figures, new guidance for line drawings and tables, and quick reference contents by section. It's a solid reference… very highly recommended as a definitive, cornerstone reference.” - Midwest Book Review

"It is easy to see why students of radiography find this book so useful. This is a book that most small animal practitioners should consider buying... it is bound to be used frequently." - Veterinary Record, December 2008

"Definitive Reference." - Veterinary Practice

● Definitive reference guide to the normal radiographic anatomy of the cat and dog for the small animal practitioner
● Over 550 radiographic images analysed and explained
● Revised contents and page headers for easy-reference
● Use of line drawings to trace radiographic shadows
● Comprehensive single-volume reference for the veterinary practitioner