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An Integrated Approach to Environmental Management



An Integrated Approach to Environmental Management


Covers the most recent topics in the field of environmental management and provides a broad focus on the theoretical and methodological underpinnings of environmental management

  • Provides an up-to-date survey of the field from the perspective of different disciplines
  • Covers the topic of environmental management from multiple perspectives, namely, natural sciences, engineering, business, social sciences, and methods and tools perspectives
  • Combines both academic rigor and practical approach through literature reviews and theories and examples and case studies from diverse geographic areas and policy domains
  • Explores local and global issues of environmental management and analyzes the role of various contributors in the environmental management process
  • Chapter contents are appropriately demonstrated with numerous pictures, charts, graphs, and tables, and accompanied by a detailed reference list for further readings

About the Editors ix

Contributors xi

Preface xiii

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Section I Environmental Management: The Natural Science and Engineering Perspective 1

1 Geology in Environmental Management 3
Michael A. Kruge

2 Biology in Environmental Management 47
Audrey L. Mayer

3 Soil Science in Environmental Management 75
Nadine Kabengi and Maria Chrysochoou

4 Green Chemistry and Ecological Engineering as A Framework for Sustainable Development 97
Shyam R. Asolekar, R. Gopichandran, Anand M. Hiremath and Dinesh Kumar

5 Green Energy and Climate Change 127
R. Gopichandran, Shyam R. Asolekar, Omkar Jani, Dinesh Kumar and Anand M. Hiremath

6 Engineering in Environmental Management 151
Yang Deng

7 Green Architecture in Environmental Management 173
Jason Kliwinski and Amy Ferdinand

Section II Environmental Management: The Business and Social Science Perspective 193

8 Business Strategies for Environmental Sustainability 195
Avinandan Mukherjee, Naz Onel and Rosita Nuñez

9 Green Marketing Strategies 231
Mehdi Taghian, Michael Jay Polonsky and Clare D’Souza

10 Role of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Factors in Financial Investments 255
A. Seddik Meziani

11 The Role of Public Relations and Organizational Communication in Environmental Management 277
Ricard W. Jensen

12 The Economics of Environmental Management 289
David Timmons

13 Law and Policy in Environmental Management 305
Dianne Rahm

14 Environmental Ethics 337
Tatjana Višak

Section III Environmental Management: the Methods and Tools Perspective 363

15 Participatory Approaches in Environmental Management 365
Stentor B. Danielson

16 Statistics in Environmental Management 383
Jennifer A. Brown

17 Remote Sensing in Environmental Management 397
Mark J. Chopping

18 Geographic Information Systems in Environmental Management 423
Danlin L. Yu and Scott W. Buchanan

19 Life Cycle Analysis as a Management Tool in Environmental Systems 441
Dimitrios A. Georgakellos

20 E nvironmental Audit in Environmental Management 465
Ian T. Nicolson

21 Risk Assessment as a Tool in Environmental Management 503
Kofi Asante]Duah

Appendix A: Supplemental Readings 521

Appendix B: Model Syllabus 549

Appendix C: Model Environmental Management Curricula (BS, MS, PhD) 579

Index 587

"The book provides an up-to-date survey of the field from the perspective of different disciplines, providing a broad focus on the theoretical and methodological under-pinnings of the environmental management." (International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry, 2016)