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An Introduction to Biometrics: Tools, Techniques and Applications

An Introduction to Biometrics: Tools, Techniques and Applications

Michael Fairhurst

ISBN: 978-1-119-14249-2

Jan 2020

352 pages

Select type: O-Book


The book will focus on biometrics with its principal aim being to provide a basic understanding of the purpose and nature of biometrics, how different modalities (i.e. sources of identification data) are used, how reliability and robustness can be assured, what limitations particular configurations impose on performance, and how biometric systems can be effectively deployed. However the book will also present an introduction to two of the key areas of technology which are essential to a complete understanding of the operation and implementation of biometric systems: namely an introduction to relevant image processing techniques (many  --  indeed, perhaps, most  -  of the most currently popular biometric modalities are based on the capture of images) and a similar study of relevant aspects of pattern recognition techniques, showing how we relate raw biometric data to an individual identity in a methodical and reliable way. These three strands together (principles of biometrics, image processing and image (pattern) recognition) will be presented as an integrated whole, each strand shedding light on the others in a way which will provide a fully rounded insight into the biometrics field in the widest sense. The book will offers an introduction to the field of biometrics and biometric systems from first principles, allowing the reader to grasp the fundamental ideas and issues on which more detailed and higher-level studies can be built.