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An Introduction to Cancer Care

Tracey McCready, Julie MacDonald

ISBN: 978-1-861-56460-3 February 2006 184 Pages


An Introduction to Cancer Care serves as an important introduction to Cancer Care for any health care professional that comes into contact with individuals and their families who suffer from cancer. Care needs to be holistic and evidence based in order that the patient can experience the best possible quality of life throughout the cancer journey. The structure of the book relates closely to this journey and also to national guidelines for excellence in cancer care.

Research, communication skills and psychosocial care are themes, which run throughout the book along with culture and multi-professional working. The book includes subjects such as:
* Understanding the nature of cancer, common cancers and treatment
* Body image
* Symptom management
* Ethical and legal issues

An Introduction to Cancer Care is aimed at students and professionals who require more knowledge in cancer care, for those who wish to consolidate their existing knowledge and for people returning to practice in this area.

Preface vii

Chapter 1 Understanding cancer 1

Chapter 2 Health promotion in cancer care 17

Chapter 3 Colorectal cancer 29

Chapter 4 Breast cancer 43

Chapter 5 Lung cancer 56

Chapter 6 Prostate cancer 67

Chapter 7 Gynaecological cancers 79

Chapter 8 Treatments for cancer 93

Chapter 9 Complementary therapies 108

Chapter 10 Pain and symptom management 115

Chapter 11 Body image and sexuality 137

Chapter 12 Legal and ethical issues 143

Chapter 13 Surviving cancer 152

Index 159

  • An introductory book for all levels of healthcare workers involved in the care of people with cancer
  • Takes the reader through the cancer journey, from understanding the nature of cancer, health promotion and screening, to a description of the common cancers and treatments
  • Emphasises  research, communication skills,  psychosocial care and multiprofessional working