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An Introduction to Heat Pipes: Modeling, Testing, and Applications



An Introduction to Heat Pipes: Modeling, Testing, and Applications

G. P. Peterson

ISBN: 978-0-471-30512-5 September 1994 368 Pages


Your complete resource on heat pipe operation, behavior,performance characteristics, and limitations

This book is designed to help students, operations engineers, andmechanical and electrical engineers in the electronic packagingindustry grasp the principles of operation for a wide range of heatpipes. Packed with examples and design information, it takes youthrough the background and historical development of heat pipes,discusses the interfacial phenomena that govern their operationalcharacteristics, and presents the fundamental operating principlesand limitations of both heat pipes and thermosyphons.

Along with detailed presentations of the governing physicalphenomena involved, this comprehensive guide features extensivecoverage of:
* The background physics of fluids, their behavior in heat pipes,and associated interfacial phenomena
* Heat pipe design methodologies and manufacturing considerations
* Applications for cooling both electrical and mechanical systems
* The full range of heat pipe classifications, including rotatingand revolving, micro, cryogenic, and variable conductance heatpipes, as well as thermal diodes and switches

This book provides all the information and guidance you need toincrease your understanding of these innovative devices and tobegin to apply them to the thermal control of electronic devicesand components.
Background Information.

Capillary Limitation in Heat Pipes and Thermosyphons.

Other Operating Limits.

Modeling Heat Pipe Performance.

Types and Classification of Heat Pipes.

Design and Manufacturing Considerations.

Heat Pipe Testing and Analysis.

Heat Pipe Applications in the Electronics Industry.