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An Introduction to Ministry: A Primer for Renewed Life and Leadership in Mainline Protestant Congregations

An Introduction to Ministry: A Primer for Renewed Life and Leadership in Mainline Protestant Congregations

Ian S. Markham , Oran E. Warder

ISBN: 978-1-118-77989-7

Oct 2015, Wiley-Blackwell

296 pages



An Introduction to Ministry is a comprehensive and ecumenical introduction to the craft of ministry for ministers, pastors, and priests that make up the mainline denominations in the United States. Ecumenically-focused, It offers a grounded account of ministry, covering  areas such as vocation, congregational leadership, and cultivation of skills for an effective ministry.
  • Covers the key components of the M.Div. curriculum, offering a map and guide to the central skills and issues in training
  • Explores the areas of vocation, skills for ministry, and issues around congregational leadership
  • Each topic ends with an annotated bibliography providing an indispensable gateway to further study
  • Helps students understand both the distinctive approach of their denomination and the relationship of that approach to other mainline denominations
  • Advocates and defends a generous understanding of the Christian tradition in its openness and commitment to broad conversation

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Acknowledgments ix

Introduction 1

Section One Exploring the World of Ministry 5

1 Sensing the Call 7

2 The Imperative of Training 19

3 Church Dynamics: Exploring Congregational Culture 30

Section Two Cultivating the Skills for Effective Ministry 45

4 Worship and Mainline Ritual 47

5 Reading Scripture Thoughtfully 58

6 Connecting the Theological Dots 68

7 Church History 81

8 Preaching the Word 92

9 Ethics in the Mainline 110

10 Pastoral Presence 122

11 Christian Education and Formation 135

12 Music and Hymnody 150

Section Three Leading the People of God 167

13 Prophetic Leadership and Social Justice 169

14 Evangelism and Church Growth 182

15 Leading through Change and Conflict 198

16 The Business of the Church 210

17 Stewardship 225

18 Christian Apologetics 237

19 Ministerial Integrity 253

Glossary 263

Index 277