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An Introduction to Modern CBT: Psychological Solutions to Mental Health Problems



An Introduction to Modern CBT: Psychological Solutions to Mental Health Problems

Stefan G. Hofmann

ISBN: 978-0-470-97176-5 July 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 236 Pages


An Introduction to Modern CBT provides an easily accessible introduction to modern theoretical cognitive behavioral therapy models. The text outlines the different techniques, their success in improving specific psychiatric disorders, and important new developments in the field.

• Provides an easy-to-read introduction into modern Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approaches with specific case examples and hands-on treatment techniques
• Discusses the theoretical models of CBT, outlines the different techniques that have been shown to be successful in improving specific psychiatric disorders, and describes important new developments in the field
• Offers useful guidance for therapists in training and is an invaluable reference tool for experienced clinicians

About the Author ix

Foreword xi

Acknowledgment xiii

Preface xv

Chapter 1 The Basic Idea 1

Chapter 2 Empowering the Mind 23

Chapter 3 Confronting Phobias 47

Chapter 4 Fighting Panic and Agoraphobia 61

Chapter 5 Conquering Social Anxiety Disorder 79

Chapter 6 Treating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder 93

Chapter 7 Beating Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Worry 105

Chapter 8 Dealing with Depression 121

Chapter 9 Overcoming Alcohol Problems 135

Chapter 10 Resolving Sexual Problems 151

Chapter 11 Managing Pain 165

Chapter 12 Mastering Sleep 177

References 191

Index 205

"Hofmann’s non-defensive and even-handed approach lends the book unprecedented breadth and depth, unbiased by allegiance to any proprietary model. His thoroughgoing commitment to science as the only legitimate guide to the growth of CBT makes this book the most powerful of its kind."  (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Book Reviews, 2012)

“Nevertheless, this book is a great read and will serve as a permanent reference resource for anyone searching for an engaging introduction to modern CBT.”  (British Psychological Society, 2012)

"This well-produced book is clearly written and nicely illustrated. It starts off by presenting the basic tenets of CBT, and then describes how the approach can be applied to some of the most common mental health issues... this book would make an excellent core text for introducing trainees to the fundamentals of a CBT approach to common mental health problems." (The Psychologist, April 2012)